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[Game] Super Cat Tales – PAWS

Super Cat TalesAdventure awaits in this cat-tastic game from the Super Cat Tales series.

Join the PAWS team on a secret mission to protect Neko Land. Super Cat Tales: PAWS is a fun platformer game with cute cats and hours of fun. Explore amazing levels, complete daily quests, play mini-games, and customize your cats with fancy hats.

Fun platforming gameplay
Daily quests
Cat customization
Retro pixel art and music

Super Cat Tales user reviews :

AWESOME!!! This game is a really good and cute platformer, with just enough fanservice and quality for old longtime fans of the Super Cat Tales games and awesome gameplay and visuals for newcomers trying out the game! The graphics are awesome, the music is so good, and the controls are very smooth! Thank you for taking your time perfecting this game, Neutronized. 10/10

One of the best mobile platformers out there, and a great platformer in general. Great music, great level design, well hidden secrets, good enemy variety and interesting and varied mechanics. Easy to pick up and play, but difficult if you want every secret, every level perfected or are competing for the fastest times. A crying shame that it isn’t more popular, along with SCT 2.

Its really fun, for the most part, so far. The artstyle, sound are great. Level design is good, exept that the game gives you little to no reason to use any cat other than the newest one, save for coins. Movement is a little imprecise and clunky. I’d reccomend to add an option to use a dpad instead for movement. Auto jumping is a little odd, and I wall jump. Also, some things require coins when they don’t need to, like the lift. Otherwise the game seems great.

A very good, secret heavy platformer. If you’ve played the previous games, I do think a lot of the levels / world maps give a bit too much deja vu (aka, same assets same level structure), but the controls are snappier. Ive noticed that the helper AI is pretty trashy though, sometimes they will lock onto an enemy and then never fire, or sometimes they fire 4-5 times in a row ignoring their own cool down. Not sure what’s happening.

It looks unfinished. I beat up Chloe the giant fish and then there were no world 3? The long stun time made it a lot more difficult than the previous two games, but I love that everyone can beat the enemies here without the helpers. Fishing minigame is fun too. I give it 5 stars, hope to see world 3 soon.

Pretty cute game but I noticed some glitching in the background which is kinda creepy, I don’t know if I’m the only one who experience this while playing but it’s really disturbing. Anyways pretty cute I encountered some difficulties especially with jumping, it’s pretty hard to be honest.

I have loved this game series! I’m sad though, since I couldn’t play the previous game since I got stuck on a level but that’s just me but this one is so good! Its hard, but like not too hard. It’s the perfect amount of everything! And it’s an awesome mobile game, since you can play by just tapping and the story is super fun, too!!

This game is great :). I love the simple mechanics and it is definitely an improvement from the last games. However, I came a cross a glitch with the helpers. When upgrading my helper to its max level, I accidentally clicked “level up” again and it made my helper’s icon into a white box. It took away 1,000 coins and whenever I try to launch the game, it doesn’t load any of the levels, making it unplayable. Do I have to restart my gameplay or is this fixable?

  • Hi, thanks for your feedback! I’ve just fixed the issue that caused players to accidentally tap “level up”. Hope you can reconsider your rating.

I like that every character can kill enemies, and Rigs’ unique ability is quite satisfying to use. The level design is good and finding bells is fun. Money is a bit grindy currently, so a good money level would be nice. The increased stun time could lead to this game being more difficult than the previous ones, which I welcome. Ads are more frequent, and the game sometimes closes for no reason. Lag isn’t as bad as 2. Overall, I like it a lot. I can’t wait for the 3rd world (and it’s story)!

I ran into an issue where, after doing some back and forth fishing between the 2 spots the game let me double tap the “next world” button and now it only sends me to the left of world 1, meaning I’m trapped in that world now and nothing I tried was able to fix it, the eggs show as being uncollected on the map too. But other than that.. It’s a fun cat game with a variety of collectibles, and this one let’s you defeat enemies despite which character is your favorite so far.

OMG!!! This game is so fun!! But I could exit out of the ads but later that adds stopped working I mean there’s still ads but I couldn’t x out of them I don’t know why but I I think it’s just me but yeah

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