Grandzenka – Become a Hero Robot

[Game] Grandzenka – Idle RPG

GrandzenkaFend off the Evil scourge that appeared amidst the barren wastelands in 2030.
With a flash of light, become a Hero Robot that strikes fear into the heart of Evil!

Game Features
Easy to play, Idle RPG Game!
No more grinding, enjoy a whole new Idle RPG

Captivating action adventure that you can’t look away from
Obtain at least 200,000 Gems in under 24 hours, Infinite Rewards
Get showered with resources every time you defeat monsters
Weapon Farming, simply one of many fun features in Grandzenka
Automatic/Manual Controls for tactical battles
Fast Growth is just a given here
New content and Dungeons mean you’ll never get bored!

Amazing robot growth system that fits every style!
Meet the ultimate Idle RPG that you’ve been waiting for!

Grandzenka has retro vibes for you to reminisce
Superhero and Boss fights – for every generation to enjoy!

Launch Coupon: grandzenka

In-Game purchases can incur additional costs according to the type of item.

App Permissions Notice

This Game may request access to
The app asks for the following access permissions to provide the following services.

You can still use the services unrelated to these permissions even if you disable access for these permissions.
As it is impossible to individually set access permissions below Android 6.0,
We recommend you update to Android 6.0 or higher.
Some applications do not provide individual access permission functions, and you can disable access permissions as follows.

Revoking Access
Even after you accept the access permissions, you can reset or disable access permissions as follows.

Android 6.0+
Settings > Apps > See all Apps > Permissions > Select Enable or Disable Access Permissions

Lower than Android 6.0
Upgrade the Operating System to disable access permissions, or delete the application

Grandzenka user reviews :

This game is very nice, it’s the first time I’ve played a game where you get rewarded so well for doing daily activities, so that is a massive plus for me because there is not much pay to win aspects, you can progress well as free to play. What I would like to see is more PVP content, it would help make it more fun, also, maybe a function to private message someone. Other then that, great game would like to see a Discord for it eventually, and like I said more content or even costumes?

This game is one of the best idle experiences I’ve had in a game. Very generous with currency as a free player. The game has nice graphics and animations and has a variety of skills to make your own unique builds. After three days of playing I definitely feel like I make progress at a good rate. A con is sometimes cheaters can show up, But they get banned. A request I would like to make is to add a rename function for gems, seen a lot of players in chat wanting this as a feature. Great game!

For an idle game. It takes too much time to load. And it requires good internet connection or it will buffer. And the offline rewards is very low. Uninstalled.

I love the game, that for one. There’s only a slight issue I’ve found. For some reason I can’t seem to pass tutorial mission 40. Ive send an inquery 2 times now without response. Maybe some help over here

Great idle game for the Mech enthusiast. Really respects your time, has a decent amount of content to unlock at later stages, and while it does have microtransations, you very very much dont need them to enjoy the game.

Very good graphics. However, very poor game play. You just walk around the screen in auto mode killing robots. You need not think in this game. Map and story gravely lack imagination. Load time extremely long. Buttons like inventory, upgrades, etc are hard to navigate around. Not worth it.

  • Hello, I’m Gameberry Studio. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t repay you for your love and interest. We will do our best to provide you with more interesting content so that you can repay you. I would like to apologize to the customer who may have been disappointed with the unsatisfactory part again. I’ll do my best to show you my best. Thank you.

This game really reminds me of nintendo 8-bit time. The poster on the game box looks great and stylish, but inside the game character looked like stacked boxes and the movement is dull.

  • Hello, this is Gameberry Studio. You left a message about the inconvenience you felt while using it. We will review this internally so that we can provide you with a more satisfactory service. Please watch the development if you feel any inconvenience while using it, please feel free to leave a review or customer center. Thank you.

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