Chrono Astrea – Pick up your sword and fight for glory

[Game] Chrono Astrea

Chrono AstreaAction packed idle adventure role playing game!

Pick up your sword and fight for glory in this fast-paced fantasy experience.
Collect legendary heroes and obtain epic loot as you conquer new challenges.
Show your dominance by taking down other players as you battle your way to the top of the arena rankings.

Idle Reward System
Gather resources all day, every day. Online or offline. The game works for you! Log in and collect all the goodness and level up your heroes however you like.

Story driven stages with loot drops to ensure you are always well equipped for the task at hand. Immerse yourself in the rich story. Or skip it. It’s up to you!

Visit the local watering hole to accept missions with great rewards. Send your heroes off and come back later to collect the loot.

The Oculus
Aside from gathering precious resources for your heroes, new events take place often. Fresh encounters give you a chance to show off your team building skills.

Tower of Trials
A straight climb to the top. Compete with other players to see who has the strongest team.

Go treasure hunting in ancient ruins. Finders keepers, but nasty surprises also await you.

Band together with your friends and battle monsters together! Teamwork is required to become the top ranked guild.

Why level all your heroes when you don’t have to. Obelisk makes sure all your heroes are ready to go when you need them. You have the freedom to assemble any team!

Powerful gear with set bonuses and rune slots. Complete freedom to forge a set tailored to your heroes needs.

Astral Gear
Customize your hero even further. Equip rare regalia’s to gain unique effects to separate yourself from the crowd.

Chrono Astrea user reviews :

Star up is tedious, but very affordable at the start. The 2x fight speed still isn’t fast enough to make press-start-wait-to-win battles any less of a grind. Lots of freedom in team building, as far as I can tell and compared to other similar games. You can even move the characters in the battlefield! Gold summon is a bit of a noob trap early game when you can buy a lot of levels for the same gold. Good sound mix by default, and the noises are acceptable. Smooth background tracks. Overall, good.

chapter 5 ect into game its nice n fluid pace n combat ect. technically a idle you can pay to skip the grind. graphics r good and such.. still unlocking areas that require player level. began arena and as a beginner seeing a player at 53k power in a 20 & under power teir def was unbalanced as his power level is outta balance in a beginner teir. simplistic level / evolve units not over bareing. for a idle at a comfortable level.

When I saw the developer s name, I having familiar with it… Yeah same dev of “Last Valiant” (which I played 4yrs ago and it s good) Now, direct to the review, the game is more fluid, skill effects are still good and same gacha rate BUT! Here s the problems, 1st is there s no hero preview in codex(where you can see how hero fight w/ skills) 2nd, why gear is not prioritize at the beginning of the game to unlock? It s the most needed one when journey start in every game. The bgm in fight is odd

The games good. But after chapter 26 the amount of units that stun, stagger, or silence is just unfun. Why does it last for 10 seconds? And why can some enemies chain CC you for the full 5 minutes of the match? I get Crowd Control is needed in games like this, but 5 full minutes? Come on now.

Okay, so this game is definitely not a well thought-out game. It doesn’t have an engaging combat system. The music is bland, the story is the classic good vs evil without a twist, no memorable characters and too many motions made by every one of them. Now tell me, where is the fun guys?

It’s a fun game. But I think it should have an auto-progress feature for combat. And the level up system battle pass thing should NOT have a price on it. Gtowth unit has a price on it. Peogressing in MSQ has a price on it. I do not like that at all. Everything is gated behind a pay wall. Allow the player to have fun. Especially a new one. Other then this, it is good I feel.

Installed and started playing earlier this afternoon just to see if it was as interesting as it appeared and I have not been disappointed. Very enjoyable! I finally have another game to play.

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