Greedy Spiders 2 – Creepy and greedy than ever

[Game] Greedy Spiders 2

Greedy Spiders 2  Greedy Spiders 2 : Spiders are back!! More evil, creepy and greedy than ever… what will they be up to this time?

Peace at the tiny world is being threatened. Bad guys have returned and they seem to have new allies.
The bugs need your help to fight back! Sharpen those scisors and put your hands to work in this new adventure where things may be not what they look like.
Be ready, and think carefully…
Which side are you gonna take??

Join this amazing second adventure and defy your limits!

Brand new features:
72 new levels
New graphics and scenarios
New and more intelligent spiders
More bugs
High quality music
Difficulty Selection
Google TV and tablet support
Multi language support: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Malay

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Additional levels for Samsung devices.

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XPERIA PLAY Optimized.


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Greedy Spiders 2 user reviews:

huh?? game is challenging, i’m really liking it. except im only 12 levels in and stuck. i took a hint and follow the prompts but it won’t let me cut the web until i freeze the 2nd spider, which puts me out of sync with the prompt and i die two moves later. wth! the freeze thing is stupid anyway since it makes you freeze both spiders and counts them as separate moves so you don’t really gain anything. I DON’T WANT TO UNINSTALL THIS GAME!

Love this game but I think that when you complete all levels the continuation should also be free. Thanks It’s VERY ADDICTIVE.

Graphics aren’t bad… maybe show some colorful tree limbs and leaves. Very challenging which keeps one playing

I tried this game when eating at an Olive Garden and the first thing I did after was download on my cell. Very addictive!

Very challenging, addictive, and fun. I like the way the hints work with this game better.

What a fun and mentally challenging game !!! I love it

FUN and challenging. Great break from Candy Crush.

It’s a good additive game..a good brain exercise.

Very outstanding and wonderful game in whole world.

Its tricky and absorbing frustrating and elating

Lots of fun trying to figure out how to trap the spider

Very challenging. Wow! Good game

Loved the first one, loving this one!

Great game baught this for my 5 year old embedded up being addicted to it myself, each level is such a brain teaser.

Have not encountered any issues, sometimes seems too hard, even on easy mode. Love it and so does my hubby.

found this game on the table tablet at Red Robin and it was so addicting I immediately went out to the car and downloaded the app to my phone I love it

Love this game. Would give five stars if didn’t force close sometimes. But otherwise great game!

Avoid multiple spiders, freeze one with ice, but only for a couple turns! Great thinking fun.

Nice and very addictive

Great puzzle game for passing time

Fun fun fun game, really makes you think!

Pretty awesome game


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