Move the Box – Drop and swap the boxes

[Game] Move the Box

Move the BoxThis game has simple rules but tricky challenges.

You can move, drop and swap the boxes. Three or more boxes of the same kind in a line disappear. Watch out for turns, you only have a limited number! Enjoy the satisfaction of resolving hard levels in many major ports on all continents!

Droid Life
“Move the Box is 24 levels of some complex puzzles that will definitely be able to make your bus stop wait seem shorter. The look and over all feel of the game reminds me of Cut the Rope a bit with nice colors and just a relaxing vibe in general.”

Gizmodo UK
“Like many of the best puzzle games, Move The Box is incredibly simple. Although it has a lot in common with other three-in-a-row games like Bejewelled, this strips the format down to the basics and presents you with set boards that are engineered to provide a challenge.”

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Move the Box user reviews:

This is a legit mind pushing game, loved it I even have uploaded a lot of gameplay for it’s levels do check it out if you get stuck on any level. Channel name is Sigog / Invincible Sigog.

Creators are super professionals. This App is so good I love solving it all, then I reset all levels and solve all again. I wish there were new levels released.

I can’t understand why there aren’t more free hints, when I can just open youtube and see the solution. Even the “watch ad to get a hint” option doesn’t work.

It’s fun , some are really hard , thankfully there are hints …. but not going to pay for them … dumb

Challenging. Fun. Occasionally irritating Still fun.

great game! I just wish the would make a pc version!!

I love this game,enjoyed a lot,and I need to play more games like this

Hi can anyone tell me why I can not find movethebox lite I had it but deleted it by mistake thank you

  • You have the correct game. We updated the graphics. All the levels are available in this version. If you have more questions feel free to ping us on

Would be great IF the adverts weren’t higher than the bottom border!!! Either lower the allowed height of the advert or raise the height of the border (base) under the bottom line of boxes … because it is really annoying.

  • Hi. You can try Move the Box: Continents. Is newer game with better graphics and No Ads. Thanks.

I congrats developers because they made something really good.

Really enjoying the mind twisting game. Even though you have so less to do to clear a level, this game makes you think so much. Really great work. By the way I like the soothing music you chose for background. I can enjoy atleast that when i get stuck. Cherios!!!

There’s no options to mute the music it just totally ruins the entire game. I don’t want to have to turn my volume down every time i play it why don’t you’s give us the option to turn the music off ? Honestly you can’t tell me you’s aren’t aware that not everyone likes blaring music when your trying to think.

  • Greetings. Please try our new versions Move The Box: Continents. It’s free and and no advertisement, hi-resolution quality graphics and more levels. Music settings available:) Thank you.

Fun little problems needing lateral thought but not too much time.

The hints should reload at least every 30 min at least. Im stuck and am going to uninstall game unless i figure it out somehow!until then 3 stars

What’s not to like. It does what it says on the tin! Makes your brain work.

this is a good game in 1 this is a not 5 star this game is 10 star

Fun and sometimes challenging. Good use of the touchscreen. Difficulty of levels is a little random but overall, I think, the finest puzzle game available on the android platform.

Its the best game it get boring some times

a simple but creative game great for the brain and it’s fun. A couple of ads but doesnt bother much…could use some hints on some levels…hopefully will always remain free and have new levels..=) one thing I can recommend is a little bit more privacy…

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