[App] GrooveMixer – Music Beat Maker

GrooveMixerGrooveMixer is your pocket rhythm station, your pocket beat maker.

GrooveMixer is the real-time drum machine for creating and mixing music beats on your Android.

This free drum machine includes pattern sequencer, 8-channel step sequencer (one pattern), pattern/channel mixer, sample list with file explorer for importing WAV loops/drums from your sdcard.

GrooveMixer is the great solution for music composers to make hip hop, house, dub step and other music grooves. It was created for mobile musicians wanted to sketch their music rhythm ideas everywhere. If you are one of them, GrooveMixer is your pocket rhythm station, your pocket beat maker that is always with you.

It does not matter what music experience you have, GrooveMixer is good choice to produce sound. If you are beginner (you do first music steps) and just want to try to compose something, GrooveMixer will be your good friend on this amazing way – the way of beats and sound!

Just look our demos (songs/tracks) or read tutorials on hzzp:// site.

Audio\sound features:

* Drum machine with 256 patterns
* Volume mixer with mono\solo buttons
* Step sequencer with 8 channels
* Beats per minute (BPM): 60-255
* Friendly and easy-to-use interface
* Save and load your groove beats
* Export sound beats to audio WAV files
* Samples are loaded from SDCARD
* 808 and 909 drumkits
* Unlimited song length

Friendly and well designed user interface works good on small and large screens.
This music creation tool works without any restrictions.

GrooveMixer user reviews :

Hi, Thanks for making this app. This is a basic sequencer with volume controls and seemingly unlimited tracks. Export to wav. BPM control. You can load your own wavs. There is unlimited song length as it says in the description so don’t try to see how long you can make the song like I did :-) . Does a weird thing when last sample is played immediately loops back to first bar so you need to put in a blank pattern at the bar where you want it to cutoff and loopback. Thanks. God bless. Aaron

Very simplistic, but that is not a fault. In fact, I think it really makes me focus more. It all seems to work really well too, my sincere thanks and gratitude to the developer. All that I would change, is adding the Play, Stop, Copy, Paste, etc, controls, on screen, instead of being hidden away in the menu. It is inefficient to me, to have to keep selecting the menu, to start and stop my song. But it’s not a knock against this great app. If you want a nice, competent sequencer/drum machine, well this is the ticket. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!


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