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GubbinsGubbins is a friendly puzzle game where players place tiles to construct words, with the help and hindrance of wildcard modifiers called Gubbins.

Minimalist typography alongside kooky cartoons serve as a canvas for moreish wordplay. Dig through the draw pile and make words on the board with hilarious friends wreaking havoc.

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Gubbins user reviews :

Great game but needs a more detailed tutorial. Right now, when swiping words in a row the multiplier builds up, increasing with each successive swipe. This means that you should generally try to begin by swiping your shortest words before moving to your longer words to maximize the effect. None of this is explained in the tutorial even though it can have a large effect on the score. I’m also not sure why the highest multiplier achieved in a streak couldn’t just apply to the entire streak.

Cool game, but it misses some words from the dictionary, especially compound ones. It’s devastating when you’re building up for the final combo of 9-letter words only to learn that “coastland’ is not accepted. A leaderboard for the daily gubbins, as well as the ability to replay it to see how high score can you get would also be nice.

This game was a great idea, I liked the play style, the art, the name, all awesome. However, putting in a paywall after having a turn or 2?… Trashy. Just make your game cost money in the first place. It was super disappointing seeing that after I had just gotten the hang of what i was doing…

  • Howdy Emily! Sorry Gubbins isn’t your cup of tea, honestly we’re just trying to offer a Wordle-style alternative where you can play once a day, but maybe we can set better expectations somehow. We’re doing our best to *avoid* being trashy by avoiding ads, no loot boxes, no gatcha mechanics, no obtuse currencies etc.

Heard Hank Green talk about this and decided to check it out. Cute game. Seems easy but it’s deceptively complex, especially in classic mode. My only complaint is that the accessibility options are a bit buggy. Sometimes the music turns back on when I switch apps and the option to turn off the gubbins popping in doesn’t work. If that’s fixed, 5/5. Also, a dictionary function to look up words you played would be nice. Maybe a custom game mode where you enable/disable certain gubbins too?

I REALLY like the idea of this game, and the graphics are super cute. However, I’m finding placing tiles correctly really difficult, either placing the wrong ones or in the wrong places. Rotating tiles is also super finicky . This paired with the fact you can only play once per day for free means that once I messed my board up with accidental placements, I couldn’t try again or work out if it was just user error. It looks so fun but I was left feeling disappointed and frustrated.

This is a really fun game that would be 5 stars if it weren’t for the frustrating input. Oftentimes when trying to place a tile, it will “drop” in place before I reach where I want to put it, or when selecting a word it will only input part of it (so when trying to select “masking” it might only select “ask”). This causes me to run out of “undos” really fast, it would be helpful if it was an option to have the game ask for confirmation of your selection, or maybe tapping instead of dragging.

I like the concept and the art is cute, but I am having a really hard time placing the tiles. My instinct is to let go of my finger when it’s touching the spot I want to place the tile, but the block always hovers just above my finger, and it gets places one row up. Can be frustrating since it’s a permanent placement. It was also difficult figuring out how to rotate the tiles, but eventually I figured out what the instructions meant, but it can be a little tricky sometimes.

It’s a fun idea. I’d call it a word game more than a word puzzle. More like solitaire scrabble than a crossword or wordle. There are a few bugs. For one thing no matter how many times I turn off haptics it’s always back on next time I open the app. Also as others have said I find it far too easy to accidentally place a tile wrong, especially when rotating. I also wish free play was one play of each mode instead of one play total as it’s hard to try the different modes, but I see why it’s limited

Hard to build a solid opinion this quickly. The limit in free games is understandable, but the time it takes to unlock another try feels a little long. From the games I have played it’s nice. Solid and cohesive design, intuitive gameplay and a good idea. I’ll try and be patient, play a few more games and if the vibe is right I’ll probably get the full version.

A good simple and cozy puzzle game. The one free play a day which is a bit small but there are no ads! They give 10% of every purchase to charity, so buying the unlimited play version feels a bit easier. All in all, would recommend! The only thing I’m a bit confused by is what the achievements unlock. It says that I am unlocking things but I am not sure what those are except for the occasional gubbin.

Amazing game, I don’t like to pay for mobile apps, but if I did, I’d get the full version. But 1 game a day is enough sometimes, despite how limiting it is. The game is just fun, it’s made to make everything feel satisfying, and mistakes can be undone. Despite having to pay for some Gubbins, or play to unlock many, the game doesn’t feel unfair at the start. Just try it, it’s free, and you get a free game after the tutorial.

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