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[Game] Gun Strike


You are as a battle-hardened mercenary to fight enemies using a variety of weapons.

Totally 22 weapons,grenade and 4 armors can be bought in store. To make money by completing more tasks to buy better equipments. There are 80 levels in 8 maps and 2 extra funny games. And a number of game achievements and online leaderboards, players can join with the global rivalry.

Gun Strike user reviews :

‘d like to give it 4 stars. However, I am constantly having to repurchase EVERYTHING I’ve bought EVERY single time I start the game up again. It saves everything else but items I’ve bought in game. I’m not referring to items I’ve bought with real money cuz I haven’t yet and would be to afraid too, since money don’t come easy for some of us down here lol Otherwise, good little game to pass the time. Thx

It’s a very good FPS game. And, I loved playing it. But, almost four years have passed since the app got an update. So, I request the developer to bring an update of this game with more new maps, weapons and much more. Then, the game will gain enough downloads.

Every time I close the app, all of my weapons and monies are reset. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still lose progress every time.

This is a thrilling game of an Armory of Guns … branded and published by Paladin Game Studio.. using unity game processor. The images inside the game are cartoons but the Guns are realistic…  *Game genre: Strategy , Shooting Game. *Game Rating: Good for counter-strike players especially teenagers due to wild and rough game environment. Good for Teens Ages : 16+

This game were pretty fun to play it. I hope the settings can make it better when you play it just like the sensitivity

Fun game, but freezing up and glitches all the time. Had to uninstall.

Everytime I log in and out I lose all the gold I previously played for! Can this issue be fixed?!

Do not download every time you make an in-app purchase as soon as you back out of the game it is gone and you do not get it back

reduse the prices plz plz and make armor more better and the game is OP!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it everytime I start a game my guns are gone and I start off with “0” points

I remember staying up late at night just to finish all stages

Give more Levels in this game please

Good fun but once you get the best might as well install gun strike 2. And now I cant get my old saved games back

Good game but not as good as gunstrike2. But still enjoying every bit of it.

In Android 9 (and above?) It doesn’t save your cash or purchases between games, i.e. once you close the game, you lose your items. You don’t lose your level progress, but without the upgraded guns and cash, you can’t play the higher levels.

Pretty fun and straight forward. Just a little easy to over shoot targets when switching targets

It’s a very interesting game. Very well graphed. But the Gun strike 2 is more addictive

It’s really good and they have optics on the guns

Got it for some one younger than me they said it was pretty good so I played it its good

Cool game awesome guns tougher stages cool characters

I really enjoy this game and gun strike 2 there great games

I played years ago and today again I just love to play this game

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