Backgammon – One of the oldest board games

[Game] Backgammon

BackgammonBackgammon is one of the oldest board games for two players.

The playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice, and players win by removing all of their pieces from the board.
You can play with AI. You can play with Your friend on one device, or via Bluetooth or via Internet.

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Backgammon user reviews :

What happen to this game? This was my favorite backgammon until the upgrades. Now it seems to limit the moves I can play. Is this an error or a new feature? If i can take the computers man with a move or play another move & bypass that move, it won’t let me take that man. It forces me to bypass that man. I should be able to take that man if I choose. As a result, I can’t make a strategic move 2 win the game & I end up losing. Y is that?

any piece left uncovered is instantly knocked off and am unable to reenter far beyond what’s mathematically probable. not sure why anyone would waste their time. instant delete. out…

Rng benefits AI not both parties. Was literally 50 points ahead then the ai got tons of doubles while i got next to nothing the entire end of the game.

Used to like this game but now it’s hard to take pieces off the board. Wish hadn’t updated it

I loved this app and play it several times a day. I still try to but suddenly it crashes all the time. My games r always freezing and then just shut down. Please fix it so I can enjoy the experience once again. Thanks a million.

Please add an option to mute the sound. Also, make it possible to keep on moving a piece after chomping an opponent’s. The dice algorithm is rigged. The Ai always gets the roll it needs to bump off a recently exposed marker. Makes a nice game very frustrating because one feels cheated.

It would be nice if your color was always at the bottom. Update on last comment: when you bump a player you can not move that piece again. That is not the way I learned backgammon. 3/5/16: Just updated and it still does not let you move a piece once you bump another piece.

Not honest. Some moves not possible, but they are… and also for the android combination they are every time good for opponent but never for player.

This thing cheats I’m sorry but getting a 5 and 2 roll 4 times in a row it’s next to Impossible the opponent the computer opponent rolls exactly what he needs every time he needs it and you can never get what you need so the IE is a cheat.

I like the board. I downloaded this because you can play the AI. But winning seems impossible at times because the house gets the best rolls. We can bump each other all day if that’s your thing. But that gets so boring.

It’s pretty sad when u can figure out the computer player it’s so obvious. What’s the challenge..

It says “Unfortunately, backgammon has stop” when I’m trying to play with a friend by using bluetooth.

It is really funny how often the AI part gets the exact dice roll to kick a piece off the board or when it is kicked off the board get what it needs to get back on. I don’t believe it when they say it doesn’t cheat when I played 10 games and lost each one due to the dice rolls I was getting and the ones it was getting. I uninstalled it and don’t plan on loading another one either now.

This is a decent rendition of backgammon. I sometimes question whether it cheats at the dice rolling, but can’t be certain. Overall a good and playable game. I saw people complained about ads. I have never seen any ads in this game, but probably because I use AdBlock. The only fault I have with the game is that the menu uses portrait screen mode while the game plays in landscape mode. I don’t mind it forcing us to use one mode, but pick which one your going to force us to use and stick to that!

they need to explain to users not to set up password for network play as no one can join you, they dont know your password. leave that area blank. crashes and makes you restart your game frequently. but all in all its a good app. good graphics. also need to have which ever color you happen to be is at the bottom so you go from around back on the right moving left to around front, ending on the right.

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