Gunspell 2 – Charge into a battle

[Game] Gunspell 2 – Puzzle Battles

Gunspell 2Gunspell 2 : Fight, Evolve, Prevail! Charge into a battle!

Fight – the first real-time Match 3 battles with real players
Evolve – improve cool heroes
Prevail – skill does matter
Enjoy – high detailed heroes and special effects

Welcome to a sequel of well-known game ‘Gunspell’ where agents of The Order protect Earth from supernatural beings. Travel through incredible worlds and empires, fight monsters and other players.

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Gunspell 2 user reviews :

Downgraded from 5 to 3 stars. More often than not play is against bots and the game doesnt tell me that. That they are bots is obvious. Next, there is a serious need for gameplay balancing. Ice Queen used to be the most OP character until the release of Wild Witch which is unstoppable and mostly only for sale at this point. Pay to win. There is a real lack of clarity regarding damage to be done from skulls and spells. The game has solid bones, but needs balancing and polish.
  • AKPublish pty ltd
  • Thank you, Dave for your feedback. It is pity that you downgraded rating. We do gameplay balancing in every update taking into account your comments. Skull damage depends on the skulls rank and the attack power of the character. Damage is subtracted from the opponent’s armor. Hope you stay with us and continue to play the game
decent game but they need to heavily balance and tweak things. also… the biggest gripe is luck and rage. more than half my games i beat my opponent or they beat me due to a crit or extra turn. it happens way too often that both sides know who will win after a single instance of those two things.
  • AKPublish pty ltd
  • Thank you for your opinion. We regularly assess game balance and take action to correct it
Is good to implement something new. Oftenly as the the game developer gets greedy, design a new game to force players to pay to progress will not be for long. I have enjoy the 1st gunspell. This however does not suit my taste. Need keys to progress, one of the worst factor that kills the mood. Thanks for nothing
  • AKPublish pty ltd
  • Thanks for your interest. Game can be played without any donation. If you buy gold coins in the game you just get progress a bit quicker than a person who doesn’t. Not everyone can play a lot. Most players in the top league got there without any payments. Gunspell 2 focused on arena multiplayer.Adventures just support your arena progress
Gotta love an app that the devs are actively working on.. And with no artificial limits to energy to stop you playing! FAB GAME! You can play as much as you want to and earn rewards based on skill.. The more keys you get, the more adventures you can go on, the more rewards and treasure chests you get… And they allow you to upgrade characters and equipment. Yes buying gold can speed this up but you don’t have to. A game where skill does make a difference in the outcome of battles.
  • AKPublish pty ltd
  • Thanks a lot!!!
cool game..have had the best time does this game have a part 3? sorry just a random question)
  • AKPublish pty ltd
  • Thnaks a lot! The third part of the game does not exist yet

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