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GYROGYRO is a wonderfully simple yet fiendishly addictive arcade puzzle game like none you’ve ever seen before; a game of pure old school arcade beauty that serves up that ‘just one more go’ factor in spades.

Four game modes that offer something for everyone. Its difficulty is perfect for short sessions. Audio and visuals are basic, but fit well. – 4/5 – Gamezebo

This arcade game is one of a kind with its amazing concept. It is a minimalist, retro game that mixes casual gameplay with gorgeous graphics and intuitive controls. Although GYRO may be considered somehow simple, it doesn’t take away its greatness. – 4.5/5 –

Definitely download it. It’s fun, simple to play, highly addictive and free! If you like your games casual, well designed and addictive, this is absolutely the game for you. – 5/5 –

It shines for its simplicity which adds to the beauty of this game, not only is it very addictive and fun, but it also looks great. It’s one of those games that you don’t want to uninstall because you keep coming back to it, even if it is for a quick round. – 4.5/5 –

Use one finger to rotate the multi-colored wheel 360 degrees whilst making sure that the colored balls flying onto the screen land in the matching part of the wheel. Sounds easy? Throw in more balls and increasingly faster speed over time and GYRO becomes a fast-paced game of skill and nerves, urging you to collect power-ups, rack up massive scores and last as long as you can whilst your skills are tested to the absolute max!

Key Features:
Beautifully simple controls and design
Incredibly addictive arcade gameplay
Gazillions of points to collect
Arcade, Time Attack, Hardcore and Challenges game modes
Unlockable color sets and 8-bit sound set
Online Leaderboards and Achievements

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GYRO user reviews :

I actually did find this game to be super fun for the arcade mode. Thoroughly enjoy this, its a good wake up game. makes you think in some ways as well by turning the dial at certain times to allow 3 colors to correspond to balls that come off the screen. rather interesting game that i thoroughly enjoy, and normally i don’t rate at all, so this is a plus.

I like the game a lot. It is not like other arcade games that you usually see, which are incredibly easy and the levels are the same thing. The endless arcade is very challenging and increases in difficulty the longer you play, unlike the other arcade games.

Tempest-y fantastic arcade action. Tempest is one of my all time favorite arcade games. Not only are arcade games hard to come by on phone but tempest-y style games are as well. Maybe its not twmpesty but it is to me!

Fun game but some times difficult. No ads at all. If you dont pay for the 1.99 prize pack you have very limited choices of games. So i would get this game if you like hard games but not if your a candy crush or toon crush type of person

I am not happy with this game. I paid the two dollars for access to the rest of the content, and gained nothing. This game stole my money and won’t even let me log into my google play account while using it any more. I would like my money back. I have asked Google support for my money back, and have let them know of this predatory app’s behavior.

  • Hello Nick! Sorry for the trouble :( Could you ping us at and we’ll try to help you!

It’s an ok game, I did this to get extra modes, but in my opinion the controls are kind of underdeveloped and it needs more.

I love this game used to have it a long time ago I forgot how much fun it it’s! Oh just found a problem. Purchase the gyro ultimate package for unlocking more games in Gyro. Never got anything. I got burned.

Quite addicting! It’s a very lovely game and it’s very fun. Would definitely recommend it if you want something simple but challenging

It’s Cool! Its really simple and fun to play. I like the mechanics of the game. It is really hard in hardcore. But i think there’s not a lot of features to the game. But overall it’s a great game

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