Magic Portals – Cool fantasy-style environments and scenarios

[Game] Magic Portals

Magic Portals

Magic Portals is an addicting game that combines classical platform adventure gameplay with challenging puzzle elements, featuring portal spells which are used to teleport almost anything in scene! Opening the path to the level checkpoint.

The game includes several features and art style based on classical 16-bit games, mixing pixel art elements with cutting edge real-time lighting effects.


Magic Portals highlights:

Massive bosses!
Collect all Diamonds to score gold!
Puzzles and obstacles based on physics dynamics (Box2D);
Achievements system for even more challenging gameplay;
Cleverness to finish each level using the least possible number of portals;
Possibility to move crates, throw giant stones, dodge fire balls and explode stuff using magical powers;
Beautiful scenes and groundbreaking real-time lighting effects;
Cool fantasy-style environments and scenarios;
Over 60 levels already available, and more levels to come with future updates!

ATTENTION: for good gaming experience, a high-end Android device is recommended.

Magic Portals user reviews :

A very fun game that ties in to the magic rampage story, as from what I gather you’re playing as the king before the warlock/king himself invaded the castle during in which he was experimenting with portals, and if Asantee ever came back he could probably make an absolute banger of a game with the pre-established mechanics of portals and the advanced gameplay of magic rampage

Why is this not being updated? I have magic rampage and it is being kept up to date. Would easily be a 5 star if it was updated. But with the older version not being fully compatable with newer phones i find it wont save the level im up to and i need to start from scratch every time i open app. Would otherwise be a fantastic game

Fun and challenging! Buying the Premium today. Great game to play while waiting for updates to Magic Rampage. Just played and finished the Premium. Spectacular and very challenging game. Glad there are videos out there to help. This game needs more credit! Love Chapter 4, and hoping someday you can add more chapters

Really great game for puzzles… I have a question. The person you are playing as looks like the king from magic rampage. Are magic rampage and magic portals connected?

i think asantee game should update some amazing graphics on this game it has a lot of potential and do a cross over with magic rampage also

The game is good, i think you should add more levels to magic rampage, magic rampage is afar more entertaining then magic portals

Pretty challenging, the controls are a bit strange tho

great game… definetly worth my time while waitigg for magic rampage updates. Also that one eyes giant boss thing here you added that in magic rampage chapter 5? your so cool Asantee that boss is hard I couldnt get a star!

I like it but it’s hard to beat hard levels

It would be a 5 if you were able to get past PART 11

Oh I know who the character is it’s the king in magic rampage but excellent game tho

Good game for the high thinking man or a hard game for the lazy dogs

Great Effects Jumping And Throwing Objects Into Portals . By Geffen Jeffen The Key !

This is good game who plays this game who thinking the magic rampage and this game is connevted together please tell me

I played magic rampage and i like you added him in the lore in level44

So this is canon to Magic rampage right? Because the Wizard said the king expirementing portals and that looks like the king

Such a good game l love this game because its made by my first game magic rampage

Good game to play even though it’s not the full game.

its, game, so of, you,, but I have to be a good day

Pls make more games do you know I played your game again and again pls

Fun!! Fun puzzles, need to think a little, but the controls suck, truth be told. I find myself wishing I could change the size of the move buttons, and every time I move the screen to look at something, it stays there for like 2 second before sliding back to focus on the character again. I wish it wouldn’t focus until I moved my character, it gets kind of annoying

A great blend of teleportation, a magic theme & puzzles of reasonable complexity. I enjoy this thoroughly. We need more games like this in the Play Store!

Latest Update :

Installation issues fixed

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