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HabitKitHabitKit is the perfect app for anyone looking to form new habits or break old ones.

With HabitKit, you can track your progress with beautiful tile-based grid charts. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking, eat healthier, or exercise more, HabitKit can help you achieve your goals. You can customize your dashboard by adjusting colors, icons and descriptions. Draw motivation from growing the amount of colored tiles on your habit dashboard.

Add your habits you want to track in a fast and easy way. Provide a name, description, icon and color and you’re good to go.

All your habits are displayed on your dashboard represented by a cool looking grid chart. Every filled out square show a day where you kept up with your habit.

Get motivation from streaks. Tell the app how often you would like to complete a habit (3/week, 20/month, daily, …) and see how your streak count grows!

Never miss a completion again and add reminders to your habits. You’ll get a notification at your specified time.

The calendar provides a fast and easy way to manage past completions. Simply tap a day to remove or add a completion.

Do you need a break from a habit and don’t want to clutter your dashboard with it? Just archive it and restore it at a later point from the menu.

Switching phones and don’t want to lose your data? Export your data to a file, save it wherever you want and restore it at a later point of time.

All your data belongs to you and stays on your phone. No sign-in. No servers. No cloud.

Terms of Use: www.habitkit.app/tos/
Privacy Policy: www.habitkit.app/privacy/

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HabitKit user reviews :

I really enjoyed the user interface and the color scheme. I decided to upgrade to the pro version, which has encouraged me to input numerous tasks. However, I currently have over 15 habits, and I’m hoping for a feature that allows completed tasks to be moved to the bottom, ensuring that the pending habits remain at the top of the screen.

  • Hey Chelsea, thanks for the awesome review and your feedback. I already have this feature on my list of potential new updates to the app, so I hope to implement it soon!

Very easy to use, I love the layout, and the customization options for each habit. I like the way the tracker is set up to show your progress for each habit. It’s not overwhelming to use, and the notifications help a lot without being annoying. Definitely recommend if you like pretty things and want to track your habits!

  • Hey Amelia, thank you very much for your support and the great review. Appreciate you taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment!

This is an excellent little app that does very well in helping you track a daily habit in an easy, intuitive way. I love how simple it currently is and even subscribed for a month to unlock some new habits. It desperately needs cloud backup support though. I accidentally uninstalled it while moving the app to my home screen, before I got a chance to manually export my data, and had to start all over again. Otherwise highly recommendable!

  • Thank you for your great review and the feedback. I will definitely work in cloud backup or something similar very soon!

Very neat app, not bloated with features, but still has everything you expect from it. And the dev thankfully didn’t put any ads in it, very appreciated. One thing I think it’s missing is the option to put more than one check on a singular day. Like let’s say you want to read 3 chapters of a book per week and you read all 3 on a single day. With the current structure the app thinks you read only one. Not a big deal, you could just mark another day instead, but would be a neat addition

  • Hey Kira, thank you so much for the great review for my app! I really appreciate you taking the time to write this kind message. I added your feedback to my list of possible new features. All the best, Sebastian

I’ve just started using this app and am very pleased with it. It’s simple UI which is very good for me as I don’t do complicated. I’ve paid for the pro version because I have quite a few ongoing habits to track but the free version is very good and I think 4 habits is enough for those just beginning to do this. There’s just the right amount of ability to add icons and colours to habits tracked. The archive ability is very good. Very good app.

  • Thank you so much for this nice review. I really appreciate that you took the time to leave a nice rating here. I wish you all the best for building your habits!

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