Hall of Klondike – Challenge thousands of stages

[Game] Solitaire – Hall of Klondike

Hall of Klondike  Players should place cards right in order to complete the stage.

Game Features

Challenge thousands of stages.
1 card mode & 3 card mode card decks supported
5 different supportive items help players to complete each stage.
Achieve daily challenges then give a try for winning monthly trophies.
Free bonuses and rewards are given every day.
Achievements, Leaderboard supported.
16 languages Supported.

Hall of Klondike user reviews :

It’s just a straight ahead Klondike solitaire. Sound effects are annoying. And when they tried to charge me 3000 coins to use the undo button I knew that this wasn’t going to be staying. Apparently the further you go in the game they unlock basic functions in the game which is ridiculous. Uninstalled.

Trying to work out the bugs, let you know after I master your scheme…. I’ve been going thru the other games because I accidentally erased my solitaire version that was old but it was the one I liked…. So, your’s is like the tenth one I been thru… But you’ve lasted the longest so far…. I’ll let you know of any action or reaction that I come up with so that you can improve your product to be the very, very best one. How’s that? Get the job?

Fun. More challenging than most solitaires. Keeps you thinking. Love the way it switches from single card to triple card randomly so you don’t get bored. Overall a fun game that is very relaxing.

Nicely designed but the options (reshuffle, undo etc) are way too highly priced – they work out to about £1 per use! There’s no need for that, especially not on an app with so many ads!

Really good, quick moving cards which is a bonus, some games are slow and make your score lower. Brill.

I almost didn’t download this when I read the reviews but I’m glad I did. I’ve gotten hours of enjoyment from it and where some complain of it being too easy, they should have stuck with it to the higher levels. I recommend this app for anyone wanting a basic game.

Auto clear is a little slow otherwise great. Should be able to not go through how to part of game.

Just great solitaire with a learning curve and plenty of practice for novices to experienced players. No frills and no anoying popups. Like this very relaxing game best of all the solitaire I’ve played.

If I write a review, will it stop interrupting my play time? I’m still playing so I must like it, right?? Geez, thats really annoying, and so are all the ads. I get why they need them, but do they need THAT MANY???

Good smooth running game. Music is very enjoyable for me. Overall, a great way to find a little zen in your day to day stress. And to quote a very shiny droid, “Thank the maker.”

Good basic solitaire, no bells and whistles. I just wish it had more background/table colours and card back designs!

I like solitaire helps me relax. Can however get boring sometimes

I’m having so much fun haven’t figured all the rules out but having fun.

I really liked this app up until the last update. Now the daily missions are ONLY available at 8am EST and only for a limited time.

So far not alot of ad’s if it stays like this will give it a higher rate fun to play

Alot of fun without a ton of annoying ads!!!

A good simple game I enjoy playing no need to pay out any money to collect anything or rely on anyone else to progress my kind of game.

This is the best solitaire app I’ve ever downloaded. The ads aren’t interrupting your game play.

Calming, easy, relaxing game. Play as long as you want. Pick up when ever you want again. Have fun.

4 stars,very addicting,the only thing thats a tad bit irritating is you have to purchase packages to reshuffle,undo etc……

Very Much Satisfied For All Given Plays on Records. Keep Up All Good Works. Good Luck !!

It’s a great version of solitaire. As aren’t too frequent.

Love this game! It’s very addictive! I’m nearly at the end, level 76 in Amber, it has been great fun!

Interesting so far , I think I may kept this on my phone. At least it’s not boring like most of them are.

I’m missing the games witout all the extra obligatory features. Simply plain….

Standard Klondike card game. Not sure yet if it works without internet.

Options to use single cards drawn makes it easy to play.

Great, challenging solitaire game.

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