Solitaire Mystery Tripeaks – Help the police catch criminals

[Game] Solitaire Mystery Tripeaks

Solitaire Mystery Tripeaks  Time to take a rest! Let’s play Solitaire Mystery for fun!

This is a New SOLITAIRE game applicable to Any Ages, the game brings you endless fun, challenges and is completely FREE!

You will grow into a well-known detective, by playing our rich, exciting Solitaire levels, to unlock the plot of different scenes, so as to collect crime clues to help the police catch criminals and collect more gold rewards.


1.Easy and Fun, you will pick up quick!
2.1000+ fantastic levels – with more on the way!
3.60+ Great graphics and amazing beautiful themes rooms!
4.More exciting detective storylines waiting for you to unlock!
5.Daily quests, events, activity, challenges, and rewards!
6.Enjoy fun mini-games-Lucky Wheel and Treasures!
7.Offline can also play!

Come and try it out, friends! Download NOW and Enjoy the Solitaire Mystery for FREE!

Solitaire Mystery Tripeaks user reviews :

I love this game and storyline. I find myself actually trying to figure out whodunnit from the clues. But when you finish a level, there’s an ad. Then another ad before starting the next level. So two ads between every level. I would gladly purchase but the only option is a monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription. Very disappointing. Please make an option to purchase one time.

I was really enjoying this game. I don’t even care about the ads…technically it’s free. But like all the other games, and I was hoping this was different…once you hit a certain level…it is nearly impossible to get through all the cards without having to use your points to finish the game….then your points keep dwindling, until you are MADE to BUY points etc… I live in Vegas…if you put cash out there, there’s a possibility to get cash back out! Not here…it’s just gone.

At first the game was fun. Loaded fine, but when you get to higher levels adds just pop up at every point. Then the game freezes up before you get your rewards. It looses your progress and you have to start that level over.

It’s a fun game, but it’s incredibly ad heavy. I don’t usually mind ads, because the game designers have to eat, too, but TBH I mostly play it off line so I don’t have to watch an ad every other minute.

I really love this game, but not playing anymore because there are way to many ads. Everytime you finish a level I get like 3 ads in a row. That’s what turns me off with games. You get a good game and there’s more ads then play time. It would be a great game if you cut back on how often ads appear

The game was fun at first, then they start off with 1 ad and now I up to 2 ads. Which is very annoying. So I’m at level 72 and now I’m uninstalling the game. It’s 2 annoying. Now to be fair you can pay to get rid of the ads but it’s a monthly fee. Not worth it.

Game starts out nice you get to play solitaire their way but once you get to a certain level every time you do something and add pops up and they keep popping up every time you do something in my opinion I wouldn’t download this game

Loved playing the game but now all i get is loads of ads which sometimes freeze, the game itself freezes a lot, im having to come off the game then go back into it, but cant play for long as it freezes again and again, its a shame coz i love this game, now it frustrates me, seriously thinking about uninstalling which is a shame, please try and sort it out because i love the game but wil uninstall.
  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.
Great relaxing fun with a little bit of humor. UPDATE: still fun, but you need the patience of several saints. Way, way too many ads. Free timer, clear a page, 4 ads you have to watch. Reducing to 2 stars and deleting the game. Again, this game is very ad heavy.
  • Thank you for playing our game, we will continue to do our best to optimize our game to bring you a better gaming experience, after that we will update more levels and plot content, please stay tuned. We also sincerely hope that you will share it with your friends and we will give you more rewards afterwards.

I love this game. Only downfall is after you win & claim you’re reward. The game freezes, & then you have to close out of it & restart the game just to get to the next level. Please fix this

I have played this game almost daily for a while now. It hasn’t had too many issues. When there were a couple problems, they launched fixes and the game is acting great again, thanks for that.

Fun,challenging and adventurous detective game but also amazing!

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