Hananezumi – Take care of the garden and the hedgehogs

[Game] Hananezumi

HananezumiLet’s try call to the garden the mysterious “Hedgehogs” with plants on its back!

How to play
Sow the seeds in the garden.
Wait for the plants to bloom.
Cut the plants.
Take care of the garden and the hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs will come to the seeds in the garden.
If you set up the goods around, you may be able to see them playing!

Hedgehogs that that came to play and plants that were grown will be registered in the books.
Collect all the hedgehogs and plants to complete the book.

You can re-decorate the hedgehogs using the collected plants.
You can even give it to someone!

Your own garden, your own hedgehogs.
Please try to make your own wonderful garden!

Compatible devices
AndroidOS 4.4 or later

Customer Support

Support reception
Weekdays excluding weekends and holidays: 10: 00-17: 30
During the summer holidays, year-end and New Year holidays it may take some time to reply.
Please note that we will respond sequentially from the business day after the holidays.

If you do not receive a reply after about a week, please send it from another domain (email address) if possible.
In addition, email addresses with consecutive periods (e.g. a…bcd[at]xxx.ne.jp) and/or a symbol in front of @ (e.g. abcd.[at]xxx.ne.jp) cannot receive emails sent from PC, as these addresses are not RFC-compliant.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could change your e-mail address or reply with a mobile phone or PC address that does not meet the above conditions.

After making an inquiry, we may contact you. If you have set the email reception settings to prevent unwanted emails, cancel the settings in advance, or allow receiving emails from support-hananezumi@hit-point.co.jp
Inquiries are accepted only in Japanese.
Telephone support is not supported.

Hananezumi user reviews :

Such a cute game, it’s fun seeing what hedgehogs will come to the yard, though a slight downside is that sometimes they’re so similar in color that it’s hard to identify if they’re in fact new to your yard or not. I love the sound the hedgehogs make as they enter and exit the yard and the different themes and backgrounds can be quite refreshing if the game feels like it’s getting stale. The hybrid plants are a little tricky and it does take some patience but it’s a fun app regardless.

I love this game. Genuinely it’s been a great way to kill time for the past few days, and is very cute. However, my only complaint is that somehow, after making a 6 dollar purchase of gold petals and upgrading everything, when i reloaded the game, everything had gone back to pre-upgrade form, and i didnt have any of my gold petals, yet tue purchase still registers on my google account. which sucks, to say the least, and is the only reason for my 3-star review.

Didn’t really care for the flowers/plants growing on the hedgehogs, but the hedgehogs were cute. At first, the game seemed interesting and fun. However, the 3 slot flowers/plants and higher take too long for the seeds to bloom. The main reason why I got tired of playing was that it became tedious, and a bit disturbing, having to force feed the hedgehogs the free grass seeds all the time in order to sell them for silver petals. Watching ads is the only way to get a few free gold petals per day.

Love the game, very cute! However the update made lost all my progress and now I’m back to 200 petals and lost my hedgehog/flower collection :( I tried uninstalling/reinstalling but it wasn’t fixed.

The game is adorable!! the music is cute too!! Recently my boyfriend’s hedgehog passed away.. That’s why I downloaded this game to help remind him that Hambo is always going to be with us. I recolored a hedgehog and named it after his hedgehog. 5/5!!

I really like this game, but now it won’t load. This is not the first time this has happened. The other hitpoint apps don’t seem to have this bug and this one keeps running into it at each version. I’ll update my review if this ever gets fixed. Sad. Good thing I didn’t spend more money on this app. Update: the app is much more stable and has been for months now, I’m happy to say! Happy anniversary!

The game is just the right balance if cuteness without demanding too much of your time. I always get excited to check what new hedgehogs visited and what flower will grow next. My only complaint is the amount of petals you can sell the flowers for, I feel that the petals you earn is too little. But other than that I love this game.

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