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[Game] Lop Bakery

Lop BakeryExperience both the farmer and bakery’s life in Lop Bakery!

Loppie just decided to open a new bakery. Of course, all of the products are made of carrots! Whether you’re growing various types of carrots, cooking carrot dishes and selling it at your bakery, or decorating your very own bakery, there are tons of fun to be had!

Learn how to make the bakery of your dreams and impress costumers with stunning decorations and mouth-watering dishes!

Different furniture and decorations you can use to design your dream bakery
Various type of carrots to grow and later process at your bakery
Fun, cute, and charismatic costumers will purchase your bakery dishes
Exotic and rare ingredients sold at the market
Fulfill delivery orders with your truck and increase costumers affection
Daily bonus lucky spin per day and free candy per 2 hours.
Eye catching & high definition graphics with detailed character animations
Easy controls to make managing farm & bakery easy.

Lop Bakery user reviews :

Very cute game with a lot of potential. I would fix the ability to sell items that are less than 10 in quantity, as its kind of annoying to fufill delivery requests and then have leftover product you cant sell or get rid of. Also, I’d increase the amount of kitchenware you can buy. Only being able to purchase one of each leaves my shelves constantly understocked. Lastly, I’d increase the designability of the bakery for the user. Everything is auto placed and you cant move anything.

Great game! Enjoyable and fun to play since it doesn’t require much grinding unlike other similar games. I like the motivational short film in the beginning. Graphics: 5/5. Cute graphics and colours! Gameplay: 5/5. Very easy and good for idle gaming. The pacing is just right but trading isn’t balanced. I hope you could make some things more expensive for a challenge or add some events. Music and Sounds: 4/5. Mechanics: 5/5. Easy to nagivate and there aren’t much controls to memorise.

The game is not bad, but there are things that can be improved to make things more easier and efficient for players. Like a way to plant things faster (maybe one click, and then we can drag the seeds?), rather than clicking it one by one. Same goes with watering, harvesting, and giving double growth. Will be back later when the game is more solid and developed

I like the game coz it’s cute and i’m able to progress without having to add neighbors or spend actual cash but game doesn’t have goals or quests so there isn’t much challenge to keep up interest in playing after having saved up enough money to purchase all decor/equipment/expansion there is. I’m hoping more features will be added in the future to keep game interesting.

First of all I really loved the mini movie intro, though it really still didn’t quite fully stop me from procrastinating, it still was quite inspirational. Now the game is really great, I really love the overall of the gameplay though the stuff are quite expensive, the money are also quite alot. Also the art style is adorable, can’t forget abt that bc it’s always the first thing that drives me to a game. Highly recommended 10/10.

The art is quite and the game is quite fun but the one thing that can be improved is the farm. I find it is quite a hassle to touch each one of the plot to plant the carrot. It is time consuming if i want to plant a lot. You should find a way that is easier for us to plant the carrot more faster rather than have to touch every each one of the plot.

Cute but incomplete game. Definitely needs an update because there’s a point you reach where you can’t progress any further. Would also like to see improvements in the farming mechanics, like being able to plant and harvest multiple crops at once rather than only being able to do one at a time. It’s too time consuming and tedious. This game has potential but atm it’s not that great.

This is one of the cutest games I have ever seen! No ads whatsoever and only one in-app purchase! Thank you to the developers for creating this game! The only bug I have experienced so far is the farm glitches wildly if I zoom out fully, and as someone here has also said, it would be nice if the game returned the candies used in the tutorial to us, but it doesn’t seem too difficult to earn candies, so I’m not too fussed.

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