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HandsonARHandsonAR : 3D visualization of mobile devices

With the HandsonAR App you can now view Galaxy Note 2 (and other devices) directly on your hand.

All you need is to print this image marker on your printer (please don’t scale the image) and run the application. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE MARKER HERE: hxxp://www.brosvision.com/handsonar.png -or- hxxp://www.brosvision.com/handsonar.pdf

handsonAR uses augmented reality, will find the image marker and will display the mobile device instead.

Every device in application is fully 3D in actual size.

Currently, you can visualize these devices:
* HTC One X
* Samsung Galaxy S3
* Samsung Galaxy Note 2
* Asus Nexus 7
* LG Optimus VU
* Nokia Lumia 920

More devices coming soon!

You can vote for the new devices on our facebook fan page: hxxp://facebook.com/handsonAR
We will implement the most wanted devices as soon as possible.

HandsonAR user reviews:

Great app, overall. The exact dimensions of the devices are not completely accurate, but seems close. Good visual effects, allows viewing the virtual devices and a couple of sample screens.

Motorola Atrix 2 camera won’t focus in your app. Sound like a good app.

This is an excellent useage of AR technology. Love how you can handle and move around in your hand and it’s always great at wowing your co-workers. To make it a better expereince, you should print your code/image marker to a PDF so users can just open and print without worrying about the size. I’m okay with the minimal take on UI, but wish it could be a bit faster during transition (not the fastest app on my S3).


Download HandsonAR :


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