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Sleep TimeZzz. Sleep and slumber better. Wake up calm, refreshed, and well rested every night with Android. Best alarm clock and sleep diary to sleep well.

Your sleep guru & sleep timer.
Sleep well and quiet. Wake up at the lightest sleep stage with your sleep cycle timer. Understand sleep score and analysis. Be your own sleep guru with the best sleep timer.

How It works:
1. Download Sleep Time. Set alarm clock. Put Android under pillow.
2. Sleep well and quiet. Sleep time detects movements during bed time or nap, whether you are snoring or dreaming. Choose soothing & peaceful alarm sound, lullaby & soundscape.
3. Sleep Time wakes you up gently at the lighest sleep stage so you are well rested.
4. Receive sleep score & analysis about duration, REM & sleep cycle. Write notes about dreams, lucid dreams, stories or sleep habit.
5. Understand sleep analysis trends. Sleep better. Wake up refreshed. Be well rested at all times.

Set alarm clock with Android. Put Android under pillow.
Choose soothing & peaceful alarm sound, lullaby & soundscape. (sleep fan, waves, and more)
Zzz. Wake up at the right sleep phase & sleep cycle, and feel well rested.
Sleep Lab™ and Sleep Genius™ and Sleep Guru with sleep cycle analysis
Smart alarm algorithm to optimize sleep quality, bedtime, slumber. Makes sure you sleep well.
Sleep history and graphs about sleep duration, REM & sleep cycle

Zzz. Sweet Dreams! Your sleep guru. Wake up refreshed with soothing & peaceful alarm sound, lullaby & soundscape

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Sleep Time user reviews :

It crashes during the night half the time. The UI is slow, heavy, and difficult to use. Sometimes the tracking button is unresponsive and I have to force close the app. There are hardly any settings for the alarm or tracking. You can only have exactly one alarm; you can’t disable the alarm, or add another one, or set it past 12:59. Constant full screen ads and premium nag screens. Don’t use this; it’s an exercise in frustration.

Poorly designed interface, very fiddly to set. When you do set it, it sometimes forgets it was set and you lose credit for a full night’s sleep. If it does stay set, however, the graph of sleep quality is very helpful. You’ll have to work on the interface a lot if you want me to pay for the full version. Who would pay the high fees for this defective app?

This worked for me for a while. Love the soundscape to fall asleep to (even if it’s only the one wave track) and the alarm that gradually wakes you up during your lightest sleep period. Not sure if its accurate but thay sleep tracking is the selling factor. Unfortunately, the glaring mistakes are that the soundscape will often shut off when it pleases and the alarm does not always ring in the morning! Huhe fail for a sleep app. On Samsung so this could be a compatibility issue. Wish it worked

This app has worked like a charm for years, and the concept is great. But lately for whatever reason it has been showing inaccurate data, if any at all. The button to turn on the alarm is bugged, so there’s a chance it might not wake you up at all, not to mention that’s when it decides to show you an ad instead of actually turning on the alarm. It works, but just barely.

Can’t get past setting an alarm. The UI will only allow you to set the alarm by turning the “alarm” dial on the outer edge of the clock interface. It looks cool but it also means precision will depend on how responsive your phone is to the surface area of your fingers. I prefer typing the time to set my alarm, or scrolling through numbers to select the hour and minute I want to wake up on.

it works ok as an alarm clock. But, it is complete garbage as a sleep tracker. i woke up around 3 am and picked up my phone to check the time. i didn’t fall back to sleep until 3:20. The next morning, Sleep Tracker said i was in deep REM sleep at that time. Does not work. Also, it will turn your media volume up to maximum an hour before the alarm goes off. It’s really annoying when your white noise app is suddenly so loud that it wakes you up an hour early.

With this app I can tell whether I just couldn’t fall asleep, was restless, or as most hope getting into REM which is where the body is recovering and healing from the day’s activities. When I first began using very little of the REM and surprised that even with sleeping medicine taking a lot of time to fall asleep even a little bit. Besides the app in my phone either failed to match this program or because watch battery couldn’t charge at same time no information.

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