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[Game] Hero Adventure – Dark RPG

Hero AdventureWelcome to Hero Adventure: Action RPG & Shooter — a new open world dark fantasy rpg in the series of diablo like games! Become a monster hunter in Dark London and kill vampires and werewolves that filled the dungeons of the city!

Play a ghost knight in the castle dungeons, upgrade guns, armor, level up your archer, call heroes, become the best shooter. Shoot your way through the open world of evil lands just like in the best hero action rpg games! Now you are the Dark Avenger who is not afraid of the dark. You’re our last hope!

True shooter features:
☆ Tap to kill unique ghosts & fight every boss on every level as a real monster hunter
☆ Upgrade your knight and his gun, open new weapons & armor, become a powerful archer
☆ Summon the legendary idle heroes, collect all, kill enemies even when you don’t play the game & become a noble ghost knight and the best dungeon tycoon
☆ Learn every mighty magic skill to become the master hunter & fight a monster battle in this real action shooter
☆ Tap & fight the battle against every boss & ghost on your way and you will be a mighty hunter
☆ Explore the dark open world of evil & play your own knight dungeon quest
☆ Find the way to win in this action shooter with elements of rpg games
☆ If you die — just revive & continue your hero quest
☆ Learn more about the castle dungeon story

The magic story of Hero Adventure:

After some mysterious incident, you awaken in evil lands and don’t remember anything. Searching for some answers, you became a ghost knight and started shooting your way through the monster world. So you created & upgraded many weapons and armor. The gun was your favorite weapon but soon you understood that the castle dungeon was filled with enemies and gunpowder was really rare. So you started shooting a bow & crossbow as well. On your journey you rescued a lot of heroes and set the shelter.

Now it’s your home when you get tired from monster battles. In the shelter you upgrade guns, other weapons & armor, learn a new magic skill every day, train other archers… However, many questions are left unanswered. Many monster hunters are still jailed. So it’s time to take a gun and continue the quest. Until you will find your way out of the castle dungeon.

The adventure calls the knight and darkness rises. Are you ready?.

Hero Adventure is a new idle dungeon game so we are happy to get player’s feedback and add new features in this shooter and open world game.

Share your opinion about shooting & action rpg games, feel free to ask at help@pgstudio.io. See you soon, Monster Hunter!

Hero Adventure user reviews :

While i enjoyed the game, i had to drop some stars at this time. You never have to watch ads, but it speeds things up. The main problem is the overall lack of content. If you play this i would recommend waiting to spend much money till more content arrives. Small purchases are good, great deals on some things. I would keep it small for now.

  • Hello. We’re adding more interesting content including higher levels, crafts and monsters soon. If you have any questions about the gameplay, feel free to ask at help[at]pgstudio.io!

It’s a fantastic idea with a lot of potential, but the game is still very much in beta. You 1-shot everything and everything 1-shots you. The gem generation is busted at first and only after 3 days do you realize it’s going to be a hard cap for the end game. Bosses item drop rate is incredibly low for their respawn time. Dungeons have a “12 hour” reset time which doesn’t work at all, you access the 2nd tier as it resets each time you close the game. Upgrading gear is worthless and needs a fix.

  • Hello. Thank you for your opinion! We’re currently working hard to improve and rebalance the game along with adding more content. Please stay with us for further improvements!

Would be better if you could get past level 23. It’s capped there, but the hero says it should be able to get to level 80. It says you need to be level 335 to upgrade. But there seems to be no player upgrade system that lets you get there. There are only 2 floors in this game that are accessible, a lantern you can’t use, slow progression system, capped special skills at lvl 10, it’s a solid idea and could be better if expanded. Resolve issues mentioned above and I will change it.

  • Hello. We’re adding more interesting content including higher levels, crafts and monsters soon. If you have any questions about the gameplay, feel free to ask at help[at]pgstudio.io!

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