Heroes of Awakened Magic – Challenging the lords from all over the world

[Game] Heroes of Awakened Magic

Heroes of Awakened MagicThis is a game set in the continent of Outland, where the kingdom’s originally balanced forces are overshadowed by a shadow and plunged into chaos.

In order to destroy this dark force, the commander must reorganize his army and retake the king’s city, and by constantly challenging the lords from all over the world, he will grow his army and make his homeland rebuild step by step.

Game Features

Placement gameplay
With traditional placement gameplay, the heroes’ quest never stops whether the game is activated or not.

simulation management
New home building system, free building, river fishing, dragon lair raising.

Battle Gameplay
Featured 6V6 battle experience, endless adventure journey.Misty Deep Forest, Throne Tower, Behemoth Plague, experience a rich otherworldly adventure journey.

Heroes of Awakened Magic user reviews :

Good game, esp fr F2P player. But, devs are v.careless. Since, it’s always like this, while at some server, there’s no Events problem, whereas in other servers, they didn’t get ANY Events, same with some can purchase with real money while others can’t. Get v.annoying bugs once in a while, and huge server merge mess everytime.

This games brilliant. Granted it seems to have been written on Google translate, “my dagger doesn’t have an eye” is a personal favourite, along with “one white beats three ugliness, but one fat ruins everything.” The sound seems like it’s been pulled directly from a waterlogged 1980’s cassette tape but those things just add to the charm. The game treats f2p players the same as p2w, there’s always a lot happening and it’s just good fun.

Too many bugs: 1) ‘All-sensitive-words’ rename bug. 2) No option to disable running text. I will uninstall the game after this review, and I will install it again when they fix the bugs.

Has a chance to be a great game BUT at this time it’s the worse game. It’s in a foreign language, can’t change the name they gave you. Can’t change your commander so you must play as male, can’t read or write in chat, and game freezes constantly.

Definitely a work in progress. The text has been translated, but most of the voicr lines have not.

After the recent maintenance game have lots of problems like screen get stuck…. And a screen phase with no touch response at all….

It’s a decent game. Love the subtle differences from most afk games but it’s buggy and glitchy. At times it will just go white screen or black screen during battle.

I like playing game character and their skill … Osm But I didn’t connect my gmail account to the game account… Pls help

Game has potential and pretty fun, something you visit daily, play, finish your stuffs in game routinely, but with constant freezes and many bugs, no chance this game will grow and players will leave it if dev don’t fix these serious problems ASAP.

It’s a 2 star because I can’t understand it at all, I like the game but it’s Chinese they should’ve put other languages so more people can play it, but all i want to say is i wish put other languages.

It looks interesting, but I need English, I can not understand Chinese, the faster the better

The game was interesting to play. For gaming video subscribe (Mind-Blowing Gamerz) on YouTube & facebook.

This game is good but the ingame language is only chinese which destroy the game potential pls add different language

It’s good to play but can you put English subtitle so we can understand what we play or clicked

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