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Step into the thrilling world of Mech vs Aliens: Robots RPG! It’s an exciting shooter game featuring war robots in the battle arena. Collect your unique mechs and crush the enemy in engaging PvP gameplay!

Become the commander of a force comprising more than 26 different robots and 25 gunbound pilots. Utilize an extensive arsenal of weapons to create countless gameplay strategies in this multiplayer war shooter game. Construct your war machine base, level up your league of heroes, and seize control of the battlefield.

Experience an immersive idle RPG game with detailed top-down elements, featuring robot role-playing battles with clashes of mechs, evoking nostalgia from classic warfare games. As a commander, you will guide your robotic mech warriors in high-risk intergalactic wars, carry out challenging missions, and become a super mech champion. Test your shooting and RPG skills against formidable adversaries, fighting on the battlefield to safeguard humanity’s strongholds in uncharted territories.

Explore a dystopian future where humanity has reached the endless expanses of space. With a fleet of advanced robots, mechs, and powerful war machines, colonists have discovered a unique, life-sustaining exoplanet. However, it’s inhabited by intelligent mutants who have roamed this planet for thousands of years. Engage in an epic battle for survival with your own war robots, uncover the mysteries of this enigmatic world, and unleash your potential as the hero of humanity.

Prepare for a real-time role-playing game where battles between giant fighting robots and mysterious monsters never cease. Upgrade your arsenal of weapons and create your perfect team of players to join you on the multiplayer shooter battlefield. Refine new deadly tactics, organize robot shooting tournaments to showcase your RPG skills, and try out new war machines. Can you strategize, adapt, and lead your team to victory to secure humanity’s future?

Enhance your gameplay with exclusive rewards, premium content, and VIP packages through our mech and weapon upgrade system. Outsmart and outmaneuver your enemies, accelerate your progress, command the battlefield in this war shooter game, and gain a tactical advantage even before the battle begins!

Mech vs Aliens: Robots RPG offers more than a game; it’s about role-playing, strategy, planning, and conquering. Master the art of robotic warfare, explore the battlefield, and become a legendary commander of mechs. With intense shooter game battles, customizable mechs, and a vast arsenal of weapons, this game will provide thrilling sensations in the shooting RPG genre. An adventure that challenges your tactical RPG prowess and rewards your bravery with the sweet taste of victory.

Do you have what it takes to control the war robots in the ultimate battle arena where shooter and RPG game enthusiasts unite and carve a path to glory?

Mech vs Aliens user reviews :

Pretty good so far. Not really a base builder so much as a mech builder, i.e. customize your fighters with weapons and equipment. Good UI and concept. Seems to still be under initial development as clans are listed as ‘coming soon’. The opening guidance could use a little more depth; some of the buttons are confusing. The worst part, in my opinion, is the characters are trying to be funny but its bad english so its just annoying. Small price to pay for a somewhat different concept.

  • Thank you for your feedback! Clans will appear in the game soon! Tell us, what would you like to see in the opening guidance? We’re at work trying to make our game more engaging and to enhance the quality of our translations. If you wouldn’t mind sending a few examples of the most egregious translation errors over to support[at]

Apparently used to be more of a free-form offline game (didn’t play it then), but now its one of the least predatory F2P gacha games I’ve ever played. Plus its not turn-based! You get to watch your squad of mechs stomp around gunning down hordes of aliens. Any time I’ve gotten stuck on the campaign, its been clear that some combination of weapons or mechs would work better, or that I just had to grind bosses for upgrade parts until I had the raw stats to overcome it.

  • Thank you so much for the review! Please join our discord community (or just pushing on QR code in game settings)

Everything except the gameplay is excellent. Presentation surprised me with its cutscenes. Little details all over really impressed me. Game runs very smoothly, so many other titles could learn from this one. That said, the dialogue is forgettable and the gameplay itself found the uncomfortable middle ground between not idle and not active enough. The result is missions I’m not really interested in going on. Unfortunately, this would mean radically changing core gameplay mechanics.

  • Thank you for the detailed analysis! The core gameplay is still being finalized, so such feedback is useful to us, thank you!

Freakin awesome. Get it. It’s so easy to play and so, so fun. Your mechs cruise around on their own, but you can control them, but they always go for the objective, you just gotta time when to use specials and which ones to use. Hint: Always use your cheaper heal between hordes of enemies as you’re traveling, don’t ever let miss a moment to be healing.

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