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[Game] Heroes of Crown Legends

Heroes of Crown LegendsPre-register Now for Exclusive Rewards! Upon release, receive special rewards including Light-Dark Exclusive Selection, 10 Recruitment Tickets, 5000 Diamonds, 100k Gold Coins, plus a whopping 1,000 extra draws.

“When the Chosen One is born, they will find the lost seven ancient crowns, ensuring that darkness will never encroach upon the homeland.”

Heroes of Crown: Legends is a 3D Next-gen idle adventure RPG. The game utilizes next-generation modeling, vivid scenes, GPU particle effects, and PBR rendering to create high-quality artistic design. The easy and casual idle gameplay that contains a fantasy adventure merging multiple civilizations and legendary Heroes from Netherworld allows you to embark on your own legendary journey.

Embark on a Next-gen 3D Odyssey;
Descend into a spellbinding fantasy world brimming with captivating 3D graphics, awe-inspiring full-screen ultimate ability animations, and striking character designs, guaranteeing a visual expedition without parallel.

Discover a Multicultural Fantasy World;
From the enchanted lands of elves and industrious dwarves to the fierce orcs, a tapestry of traditional lore and narratives interweaves with various cultures, setting the stage for a succession of pulse-pounding escapades.

Revel in effortless idling and victorious auto-battles;
When it’s time to unwind, let your heroes advance through multiple auto-battles unattended, accruing lavish rewards even while offline.

Engage in global, fair-play competitions;
Participate in a spectrum of battle modes, such as Guild Wars, PVP Battles, Elite Tournaments, and more, ensuring a dynamic and equitable battleground accessible to gamers across the globe.

Embrace Classic Strategic and Real-time Warfare;
Each strategic formation yields its own outcome, empowering you to dive into real-time strategic engagements and deftly sway the tide with fantastic combinations from a myriad of legendary heroes.

Plunge into your adventure now and uncover the ancient secrets behind the Crown!
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Heroes of Crown Legends user reviews :

The only upside for this game is character model, it’s beautiful. But that it. Rest of it, its chasing red dot game play, for ocd people is really annoying, building a character requires mutiple copy, i have build up to nearly level 300. Towards the end its tiring and you feel fatigued. One last thing no customer support at all for me, contacted a while back no one even bother replying. Such a waste of a good potential game.

Genuinely this is a 5-Star game for me the only thing that’s a bit iffy about the game is when doing the story you get acc lvl capped until you can reach the next level to do more story missions so you only get to do like 2-3 stages before you have to level up like twice again which takes a bit of time, the ascension system is pretty difficult because you need duplicates of your characters to get them to a higher level because they also get level capped based on their rarity but it’s hard to get

Had a generous launch, still even with a 1000s plus free summons you still are hard pressed to get the champions you need in any meaningful way. Very limited top tier combo of teams, and again requires two-ish champions that are difficult to pull consistently. There is nothing really new compared to previous apps of its arch-class. Has progression limitation based on player level for advancing in the main story which I hate, because you have to wait for idle rewards to get said player exp.

The artwork is unique and enjoyable. The story is a little lacking but the programmers make up for it with plenty of different challenges available. The rate on epic characters from drawing is not stingy at all. Playing without paying is still enjoyable, but you’ll probably want to spend a couple of bucks because it’ll be worth it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far. 5stars,would recommend.

I like to start off by saying thank you for so many goodies. I’m playing the game casually and enjoying my time. I like all the lil different game modes to play. The only problem I had at the start of the game was remembering where everything was but now I’m starting to remember. The characters are well done too. I really like the art design of the characters.

This is honestly my favorite idle rpg game. Lots of events and challenges (tower, abyss, etc) that give you useful rewards. If you’re patient enough and save up certain types of in-game currency you can get some 5 star characters from the designated shop. It doesn’t take long to do the daily stuff unless there’s an event, obviously. The best part is how fast/easy it is to lvl, ascending them is another story (especially high tier ones). I don’t mind starting over, just happy this game is back

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