My Fruit Journey – Find exotic fruits

[Game] My Fruit Journey

My Fruit JourneySet out on a mystical Jungle expedition to find exotic fruits! My Fruit Journey!

Come join us! There is a secret forest with delicious fruits behind the vines!
Befriend cute animals who are hiding on your journey!
Try to keep up and don’t get lost in the jungle!

How to Play
Match fruit of the same kind to break them!
Matching four or more of the same kind will create a special fruit for you!
Receive higher score if more turns remain!
Difficult stage can be cleared with special item

Game Characteristics
Free to play
Easy to Play
Various stages
Endless game play

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My Fruit Journey user reviews :

It’s cool! …but….too many ADS between levels that’s just nonsense…ridiculous! I want to play the levels and succeed and complete each one and not worry about “WATCHING” a AD for whatever! I just want game play! And please if you could just get rid of all that I might stick with it and share. Bye!

  • Greetings, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please contact the customer center with details of the situation in which the game is conflicting. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support

Is good game but issue with Google play. When game is launched, Google play is not automatically signed in, please fix so can register into leaderboards and achievements automatically, thx. In reply, I played many levels then realised that I didn’t get on leaderboards and got no achievement, so I had to reinstall game and manually /try to remember to sign in Google play each time, troublesome. Also I paid for ad removal, since reinstalled the ads return again….

  • Greetings, For our game, you can log in manually through the leaderboard on the world map. Please note that there are some who do not want automatic settings. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support

This started out a great game…until level 38. I have this downloaded on two devices and this level is an absolute NO win on both!! No win means NO progress to other levels. Definitely needs fixing. One star …which could have been 5 but for this issue. No win…no play = uninstall.

  • Greetings, The 04/20 stage problem was solved and the update was in progress. Please update in the store. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support

i like this game the that i watch for coins are ok i dont mind but do we need them between ever level if so award us with some coins or a booster for watching them and could you change the setting to log in to Facebook then i can play with friend and invite them to the game thanks i got a new phone and lost all my levels and had to start from 1st level again thanks 5 stars

It’s a match 3 game, no different from the others of its type. In fact, I’ve played a match 3 which is identical to this – possibly by the same company – and even the levels are identical (although some graphics have changed).

  • Greetings, I still have a lot of missing parts I will try to show you how to develop more If you have any suggestions or inquiries, please contact the customer center and we will forward them to the developer. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support

This game is AWESOME, it’s different than the rest, which I love. The colors are nice and bright and easy to see. It’s relaxing and very addicting. I have missed my train stop more than once while it was playing. Lol

  • Greetings, Thank you for having fun with our game. I will come up with a better game. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support

Even tho I managed to get all of the mushrooms off the board on level 38 it is not counting down the mushrooms and not letting me go to the next level. Can u fix that or will I have to delete the game?

  • Greetings, The 04/20 stage problem was solved and the update was in progress. Please update in the store. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support

Edit: bug was fixed. Thank you! Love the game but I’m on level 26 and it’s not letting me collect the mushrooms.

  • Greetings, Stage 26 progress has been confirmed to be okay, and there is no mission to remove mushrooms from the mission. Please check again. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support

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