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[Game] Heroes of Mythic Might

Heroes of Mythic Might   Heroes of Mythic Might will transport you into a fantasy world based on Eastern myths and legends.

In the game,the player is a seeker of immortality who encounters mysterious heroes, collects an entourage of travel companions, and forges divine weapons to tame spirits and cast down demons. There is a rich storyline throughout, and you must overcome many challenges to explore its depths.
The spirit flows through all!

Game Features

Gorgeous chivalrous Style Immersive Experience
The entire game world is rendered in lavish Chinese-style aesthetic, so that you can completely lose yourself in the backgrounds and characters. Everything from the full-length portraits, animated models, and UI design — every inch of the game is teeming with authentic Chinese artistry. All of the beauty evoked in ancient Chinese poetry comes to life in this mystical fantasy world!

No Tedious Tapping Set & Forget Combat
Set up your hero squad, send them to battle, and watch your heroes fight automatically for you!
Enjoy relaxing battles while you win Epic Gear and Legendary Heroes!
Even while you’re offline, you’ll rack up fabulous rewards!

Cool Skins Distinct Stats
Exquisite wings, shimmering light effects — give your heroes all kinds of new looks and create a customized feast for the eyes! Each one has a unique look, and unlocking skins will also unlock jaw-dropping skill effects and stats. Dazzle the battlefield with these incredible attack effects that you’ll never tire of looking at!

A Multitude of Possibilities Strategize to Win
Over one hundred heroes, six stats that mutually counter each other, and five major classes with their own specialties. There’s also 9 Talents with different effects to mix and match as you please. There is no one single OP lineup. As long as you can cleverly construct your lineups, you can crush the competition with your cunning!

A Variety of PVP Challenge Yourself
No matter when or where, you can enjoy fun PVP combat. Will you climb the heights of Empyrean Tower, or scale Summit Contest, or advance into the Worldwide Top 32 in Sky Arena? Unite with your friends, defeat opponents, and prove yourself! You can also team up with Sect members and fight in Sect War. Round up your friends for battle now!

PLEASE NOTE! Heroes of Mythic Might is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download.

Email: support[at]onefun.ink

Heroes of Mythic Might user reviews :

The character designs are absolutely gorgeous, but it is a rather pay to win game. But don’t get me wrong, you don’t really have to pay to get something, you can also save up and saving up won’t take that long as there are many free rewards. Tutorial is a bit too long. Overall a very well designed game.

the art theme and graphics are really pretty, and that’s the main reason why I am playing the game. However, it is really expensive to collect the characters if you are a collector. the cross-server competition is really very tedious too, if you are one who loves to compete, be it in solo or guild war.

The graphics are outstanding and one of my favorite things about this game along with the character designs, but the only real problem is that it’s almost completely p2w. It’s practically impossible to play f2p since everything requires high power levels. It’d be better if there were ways to play and get rewards even without paying for stuff but there aren’t really any ways to do that as of now.

I like it, very pretty. if you don’t like gacha and auto battle games, just don’t download this. if you do like casual games with pretty characters where you choose a hero lineup and watch them battle, then do try this! it’s a great casual xianxia game. the tutorial is indeed kinda long but once you get past that the game is nice. a bit confusing at first but quickly makes sense once you explore the game a bit more. the english text is pretty good. change voiceover to chinese.

Art is great, plenty of free rewards, lots to do, pretty good idle game! Only downsides are the bad English translations and that the little tutorial glove that shows you what to do is VERY ANNOYING and should be removed after the actual tutorial. It darkens the screen and points to auto battle long after you know what to do and every time you lose a level. Whole star removed just for that.

Honestly really loving this game! I’ve played A LOT of gacha based MMORPGs and always stick with F2P and this is definitely a nicely balanced one so far. You’re able to progress nicely without whaling and while paying players will obviously have an advantage in PvP, I feel like there’s plenty else to do outside that anyways! Beautiful characters and art, great time occupier, and easy to understand.

Latest Update :

1. The Apprenticeship system is online
2. Open new Home buildings – Tower of Immortality, Temple of Immortal
3. Added new Soul Garment of West Queen – Roaring Tiger
4. Added Battle Formation skill – Seven Kills:

1. Adjust the products in the Store.
2. Optimize the item icons of SSR Soul Garment Optional Treasure Chest and SUR Soul Garment Optional Treasure Chest.
3. Optimize the property pop-up mechanism of Immortal House.

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