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[Game] HexPuz – Hexa Merge Puzzle

HexPuzExciting make hexa puzzle and fantastic transformed numberblocks are waiting for your challenge!

Numbers, blocks, hexagon, jigsaw puzzles, match making and other hot block hexa elements are combined to give you a special color merge experience!

Merge Block Rules:

Drag the hexablock combination with number blocks below, place the hex block in a large hexagon board.

Putting block hexa of the same blocked number together will cause matchmaking and eliminate. 3 or more blocks with the same number will merge into a bigger number blocks.

Make block,make hexa! 2 is synthesized as 4, 4 is synthesized as 8, 8 is synthesized as 16…Merge hexablock to 2048 and more!

The block match is not exhausted, and when no adjacent blocked number can be synthesized, the block number puzzle games ends.

HexPuz logicpuz Features:

Simple and straightforward hexpuz UI.
Gorgeous color scheme and special match maker effects.
Simple blockhexa rules make our hexagon puzzle game easy to play.
Endless numpuz mode:harder make 7 challenge are waiting for you.
No wifi needed, no time limitation means you can play our cool number merge puzzle game anytime and anywhere!

Use your wisdom and strategy to merge to seven and bigger numbers, enjoy the HexDrop challenges now!You never know you won until the last step!

Abundant color quickly will catch your eye at first glance. Get hold of the fun math number puzzle game rules at anytime and anywhere.Make full use of HexDrop game props, try to eliminate more blocks, to get higher scores!

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HexPuz user reviews :

Game fun but advertisement super super super extremely too many. Half of the game ads come out. Super Crazy. Maybe full game end still can except cos you need to earn too but yours super super crazy. Game is 5 stars but this super super advertisement only … Hope can improve

Loved the game…hated the ads. If I could purchase ad free, I’d reinstall it.

Ads used to be short. Now they are long and intrusive, and the >> and x buttons so small that often I am taken to the ad link instead. Sadly this means I will uninstall the game and find an alternative, because I love these puzzles.

Makes my brain think about the strategy and logistics of the game, pretty good so far

To improved our memory and for eyes movement too.

One of my favourite apps. There are lots of flashy fancy games out there but this is simple but tricky. Ads only every so often. Love it. (Would give 6 stars I love it that much!)

I think it is a good game but the scoring ìs a bit slow and the total cube score after a trillion is a bit confusing for example you have 1àa then 1ab and so on what does it mean I’m confused but overall I think It is an excellent choice for anyone

Interesting as one learns to play but becomes boring. I don’t understand the scoring and the chart is no help. Is the goal just to accumulate points?

This is Game# 203 Tested. Great game and what I liked about it that it is easy to understand and rather relaxing to play. It doesn’t promise Big Bucks to be a potential gain. Therefore you don’t have to worry about seeing Ads. I saw none during my play.

So far I’m enjoying this new challenge. At the time of this review, the ads are short and do not interfere with playtime. I definitely recommend.

It’s challenging, but I enjoy trying to merge the numbers. It’s one of my favorite merge puzzle games.

I just love game team you all did a awesome job. I give you a kiss and five extra star’s if it was possible.

The game itself is good. But the forced ads DURING game play, takes away 3 stars.

the icon disappears and now I have to go through Google play to be able to play. otherwise it’s great

Just started playing and like the game so far. Like how you can score without ad watching.

Good but have a suggestion. Would be nice to be able to rotate the blocks

love it. very addictive and makes you use your brain.

Love the game. Love the logic and the colors.

very good. adds not intrusive, good way to relax

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