Hidden Express – Pure hidden object hunting at its best

[Game] Hidden Express

Hidden Express

Join the millions who have played Hidden Express.

It’s a hidden object game unlike any other. Explore gorgeous photographic scenes in search of lost objects. Can you find them all before the clue train gets away? With hundreds of locations to explore, and a fast and fun game play, this is one ride you won’t want to miss.

Pure hidden object hunting at its best! Just one beautiful scene after another.
Thousands of levels to play with new scenes added every month.
Weekly themed events and tournaments with great rewards!
One-of-a-kind hand-crafted scenes – the scenes look real because they ARE real.

Hidden Express user reviews :

Frustrating. Clicking on an object does not always register, meaning you frequently lose combos and go into cool down, where you lose even more time, and makes is exceptionally difficult to 3-star even easy levels. I’m done with it.

Love these type of games but there’s little point in me playing if it doesn’t have Google play services for backing up game data/achievements and Google play profile info, please consider adding this in a future update as I know me and alot of others don’t even look at games unless they have this feature, as eventually I’ll have to get a new phone/tablet and all my progress will be lost. Its really disheartening and means I prob won’t download again on a new device If I have to start again.

An overall fun game. But half the time when I find an item and click on it, it doesn’t register! And then it tells me I’m tapping too much. Wastes my miles and energy!

Some days I can play without a problem. The next day I get a message on screen that my browser doesn’t support WebGL. Frequently miss two or three days play because of this. It is really frustrating.

Love the game but, since I updated the app it just keeps trying to load the (35) game then bounces back to the board/ railway track. I can do other things but can’t play the game.

I am so angry. I reached 37 on the world map and then found that a number of the screens are blank. There are the usual number of objects to find but the screen is blank. I was enjoying the game, now am uninstalling it.

  • Please send an email to help[at]makingfun.com and give us more details about what you’re seeing, so we have a chance to improve your rating. Thanks!

Great game. Have always loved it, but this app doesn’t load the majority of the time and no it is not my internet connection cause all my other apps load just fine. Very disappointed

Fun game, been playing for a few years. Some levels are hard, but you will get thru to the next one with patience

So far not bad. But have a hard time finding items. Which I know is the object of the game, but some are to small when you have a hard time seeing.

i have played this for years but then my computer was scrapped it was old and screwed up. now after a absence of 3 years back on im excited.

My only concern is, sometimes when I click on an object it doesn’t register, then I lose time with constant clicking.

I love this game it is awesome it has like 3 different games you could enjoy. Please help me get it install on my Desktop Windows 10 please I was already on chapter 44, i want to continue to play ,but on my Desktop

I thought i finally got a device that could play this game…. Level one complete….wont loàd 2nd chapter… Very disappointed

  • Please send an email to help[at]makingfun.com and give us more details about what you’re seeing, so we have a chance to improve your rating. Thanks!

I love this game but it freezes alot and the it dosen’t show every thing that is on the site.

Great time killer, pretty scenes to look at and explore.

Great game but just bought a bundle and didn’t get the 120 energy with it so a bit disgruntled.

Great game addictive but the objects are to small for how fast the game goes

Having fun remembering where things are makes memory stronger

It’s a really fun game, just wish I was better at it. love this game

Fun and challenging I love it

Look forward to seeing the things that are right in front of your eyes

I love this game but I haven’t been able to get it on my phone

I Love this game but it keeps turning off on me i havent been able to play a full game all day

I love the game. Wish we got more lives though

Love it if it would stop freezing all the time

I love this game. I have played other hidden object games but none them can match Hidden Express.

I love this game but its hard to connect it logs always,please fix this problem, im looking forward for your reply, thanks…

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