Hide Ball – Test your IQ

[Game] Hide Ball – Brain Teaser

Hide BallPassionate about brain teasers? Want to challenge your logical skills?

Then take a look at Hide Ball — a logic puzzle game in which you should hide good balls from dreadful and harmful monsters.

Hide Ball is an amusing logic game that will test your IQ and raise your intellectual abilities to a new level. Plan every step, estimate a possible outcome and build tactical strategies. Solve logical puzzles, pass lots of interesting levels and win the game!

What are you waiting for?! Download and play the game!

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Hide Ball user reviews :

Cute if a little repetitive. Ads after every level and turning off the vibrate setting in the menu does nothing to stop it vibrating after everything you press. Wasn’t a bad way to waste a couple of minutes but nothing thrilling

Cute game & very easy to play. So far, I’ve been able to play with just 1 finger, so we’ll see how it goes from here. Up until now, there have been no decisions to make, & no skill needed. As long as you have one finger, you’re good to go! Hopefully, something will come up soon that requires some thought and/or skill.

It’s a fun game just don’t like there are ads after EVERY level!! I understand you need ads to help fund this but spreading outs ads after a few levels at a time would be better then after EVERY level.

Has potential but feels like a less-polished clone of Cover Orange (even copied the graphical style in some places). If the visual polish were improved, I’d increase my rating, but this currently feels a bit cheap.

For a while it’s an absolute great game and then it starts repeating levels. That’s so annoying to become invested in a game to get far and then that happens. Don’t waste your time!

Good game until it starts repeating levels. Am deleting but hope to return in a while and hopefully there will be more levels added

First thing I do on all these games is turn that awful vibration off. When I did that on this game, the vibration still happened. I turned it on, then back off. Still vibrating. Big nope for me. I didn’t even get to play the game enough to see if it was fun. Uninstall.

seems to be running well. not hard to the point of frustration. easy to see for persons. with eye issues. like the game.

Love it! Original! Thought it would be too easy but some levels made u think. Great job. Please make more levels and games

I like it because it get you thinking , need more levels after level 110 they repeat themselves. I was done in less then 24 hours

It’s a fun game but when I turn off vibration it stays on so there is no point in having it in the game if you can’t turn it off

Cute to start with… Until I notice I’m playing the same scenarios over and over.

Too cute. Just started so looking forward to seeing how I do. Recommend this game.

even with a hint you still lose. the hints need to be done more sensibly.

Decent game but no way to purchase ad free version

I like it. It stays challenging but it’s not impossible.

Good game. Minus one star for dopamine lacking in the long run.

It’s ok but after you get to a certain level it’s just the same levels you play over and over.Gets repetitive very quickly need to make new levels.

this is the easiest game I have ever played and it is so much fun and not hard to play

Seriously? Three ads in the middle of the second board and then you poke me for a review… ok it might have been fun

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