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Higan EruthyllHigan: Eruthyll is a 3D real-time combat RPG that brings fantasy to theater.

Planet Eruthyll is where you can use diverse tactics with dynamic instructions and enjoy the touching stories presented by fantastic cutscenes.

Shuttle between Worlds, Reclaim the Reality
As the acting Director, you will lead the Gopher Troupe to fight against the Arrival of Fantasyland, rescue people from the death-like sleep, and reclaim reality from the eternal nightmare.

Immerse in Gorgeous 3D Cutscenes and Intense Battle
Spectacular 3D cutscenes are made more engaging by top-notch voice actors.
Immersive experience provided by dazzling ult skills, movielike ACT gameplay, and elaborate chase camera.

Dynamic Instructions, Dominate at Fingertips
Unique gameplay features dynamic instructions. Employ tactics in bullet time to dominate the battle.

Control the Magic Tech, Embrace a Renaissance
Distinct art style marked by magic plus technology.
Indulge in visual wonders such as hyperspace, refraction of light, and more.

Build Your Own Squad, Rise against Fantasyland
Deploy powerful characters of 6 classes and 5 elements, and arm them with Play Inspirations of multiple themes.
Build your finest squad, rise against Fantasyland, and break the dawn for Planet Eruthyll!

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Higan Eruthyll user reviews :

I’ve given the game a try and I have to say that I was pleasently surprised. A lot of love went into making this game. It boasts eyecandy design and beautiful animations, good voice acting and player interactions with the characters. The only downside of the game is that you won’t stand a chance vs higher score enemies, they literally mop the floor with you. Unless you go in prepared of course, like equiping your characters with proper gear and building their talents properly.

I pre-registered for this because I thought it looked good. I’ve been impressed so far. Fresh games have technical glitches and kinks get worked out in time. The things I’ve noticed are the game not loading initially (black screen) and having to restart – and sometimes will just freeze in the middle of battle. I definitely think the “director” character could use some definition – like maybe some facial features LOL. Overall, character design is great and fun to play, I enjoy the story as well.

The graphics are good, along with the character designs. It seems very story based, but I like story based games. Ome thing that I didn’t like much was the character that represents you is plain and boring. I’d prefer something more cool or some customization. I like the auto feature, but it doesn’t auto all the way through, so you can’t just leave it to do something fast and have gone through some levels. But overall, it’s one of my top games to play already.

Honestly really enjoying this game so far! Graphics are really nice, characters have cool design and voice acting, and game play is fairly straight forward. But the story pacing, especially at the beginning, feels a little jumpy and hard to follow. Cant play this game on data, only wifi, which is a little odd. I’d also look forward to seeing more male characters in the future or just more characters in general!

The game has a great graphics and great game play! it’s very easy to level up your characters and it’s actually indeed very easy to get a powerful characters. I love how we can earn 10 pulls easily without any problem at all :D the tutorial is also very useful! I highly recommend this game to everyone. Although I wish there’s a way to add your friends in the game since I haven’t been able to find the option where to add them at all I’ll be waiting for more update!

Game is sometimes unplayable, random connection issues, black screens, and cant play unless on home wifi. Will not let me connect to my unlimited data from verizon. Also once you lose connection tou have to close out the whole game and restart. Plus I have never seen a stamina system that is this stingy before, not sure who thought that was a good idea. Game graphics and characters are cool. There isn’t to much or to little to do at the moment, but there needs to be a skip or sweep function.

It seems like a fun game, but I’m not able to play much during the weekdays because this game doesn’t work for many players unless you’re on wifi. For some reason, it doesn’t work using cellular data of any kind unlimited etc. It’s clearly a bug issue on their end, so hopefully, it gets fixed because I can barely experience the game. I have 5G UC which is very good data for mobile gaming.

Love the game. Been playing it sinfe pre-release. The visuals and gameplay are nicely made. Though wish we can skip the auto play when grinding resources for better quality of life. And recently since the release with the new start screen animation, it tends to hang at the start screen when confirm to log in. And I had to restart to fix this. Dev please fix this issue.

For me its a great game nice story, character skills, and the combos that you can do. The only problem i have is the energy it needs to have a fast recovery rate because the stages that you need to clear/farm is draining like it can drain your whole energy in less than 10 mins the gacha rate can be improved just a little bit and it will be just right. Overall its just the energy for me. It needs improvement.

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