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[Game] Vendir – Plague of Lies

VendirA mythic quest for your party awaits in this dark RPG in which you, and only you, can bring an end to the darkness that consumes a kingdom.

The once-great kingdom of Vendir is now under the tyrannic King Elrik who rules with an iron fist, his judgements harsh and his punishments torturous. When discovering an ancient prophecy promising the end of Elrik’s reign, two siblings must make their way from one muddy end of the Kingdom to the other- inciting Elrik’s wrath every step of the way. Challenge the truth in a Kingdom drowning in a plague of lies.
Vendir: Plague of Lies is a classic party-based RPG with a deep storyline and synergy-heavy combat. Look forward to many hours of gameplay filled with memorable characters, intense battles, deep and engaging quests, character skills, and gear progression in the vein of old-school RPGs of the late 90s and early 2000s.

A dynamic and immersive world brimming with the “old school vibes” of CRPG classics
Explore a tactical RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Can you escape the wrath of King Elrik and save the kingdom?

Experience epic turn-based battles
A deep and nuanced battle system that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Fight with swords, magic or both.

Loot & fight your way through The Land of Vendir
A game filled with intricate crafting mechanics and intriguing collectables with heavy story implications.

A complex skill tree with hundreds of skills to learn
Multiple classes such as Warrior, Thief, Necromance and Plague Doctor create a game with colossal replayability.

A rich narrative that splinters based on your choices
Lore-heavy conversations in which you, as the hero, make decisions that have long-lasting implications.

Vendir user reviews :

The game is great overall, and i would love to play more, unfortunatelly it has a HUGE problem: the game save at random, if it does it at all. I lost hours of progress two times already, and I’m afraid to start the game a third time, only to lose progress again. Please make an option to manually save, or fix already the already pressent cloud saving function.

  • Hello again. We released an update where we addressed the saving issue. Please update your game to version 1.1.174 and let us know if it worked. We appreciate it. And if you haven’t already, please email our support at support[at] so we can compensate you for your loss. :) Sincerely, EMS

I like how entertaining the the plot is, especially interacting with the NPC with humor. There are variety of skills to unlock from levelling up and satisfying difficulty throughout the story. Sadly, I have to give it a 4 star as the game doesn’t seem to save accurately. I seem to end up way behind in progress from my current save spot and I had complete the quest and defeat enemy to level up again. So far, it is a great game and the game saving is the only issue holding back that 5 star.

  • Hi, thank you so much for your feedback. We are glad to hear you like so many different aspects of the game. We are sorry you’ve experienced the cloud save issue. Please contact us at support[at] so that we can get some more info on it and look into it. Thanks in advance, EMS

As a big fan of Vampire’s Fall: Origins, I was so excited to play this game and it’s exceptional in every way! It’s made with a high level of polish, from the story to the leveling mechanics and the combat. I love the quest writing for its witty humour and interesting twists. The narrative is engaging. I love the graphics, particularly the character customization. I love the combat. And I absolutely love the music! This is a beautiful game, made with heart and soul. Thank you EMS

  • Hi, thank. you so much for such a kind review, and for playing both VFO and now Vendir. We are happy to hear you like the different aspects of the game such as mechanics, the story and the graphics. Keep having fun. :) Kind regards, EMS

The overall gameplay experience is actually surprisingly good, but it’s held back from its poor optimization. It absolutely drains my battery in no time,and thought the art style is great, it has no reason to with baked 3d assets. Transition loading between zones are frequent and way to long. This engine needs an overhaul.

  • Hi, thank you for your review. We are glad to hear you like our game in general. We will pass on your observation to the developers to look at. We appreciate your patience with it. :) Kind regards, EMS

The game doesn’t save 90% of the time. I’ll get to the point where I can win fights against the witchbone enemies and I’ll manually exit the app using the settings function, but my progress will be reset to level 5 when I log back in. It’s a great game otherwise. I’ve come back to it despite the frustration of losing hours of progress multiple times since the game play itself is excellent and once you grind past the difficult middle bits it’s smooth sailing. I’d just like a manual save please.

  • Hi again. We have released an update that addresses the save issue. Please update your game to version 1.1.174 and let us know if it works. We appreciate it. Also if you haven’t already please contact our support at support[at] so that we can make it up to you. :) Kind regards, EMS

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