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Highrise Virtual MetaverseJoin the Highrise Virtual Metaverse!

Create your own avatar character, chat with virtual people , dress up your avatar and go to virtual parties …all within the second life metaverse!

Highrise is more than an avatar game or second life simulator, it is an immersive pocket metaverse where you can play with friends, customize characters, chat and create brand new experiences within a virtual world. You are the avatar creator and this is your metaverse life!

Create avatar characters, chat with friends via interactive, virtual rooms and meet new people from all over the world. Role-play with other players or take friendships to a whole new level!

Start creating characters for your second life and immerse yourself in metaverse role play with the other avatars. Become a truly global citizen meeting new friends from all over the metaverse. Create a social community, join a virtual chat in a rec room, or talk to other avatars from anywhere in the world.

Use the avatar maker to put your fashion style to work. In this virtual reality metaverse , you decide how your character looks as you choose your very own outfits . Your avatar will be part of your own metaverse identity in this virtual life simulation game.

With over 20,000 items to choose from, you can express yourself and create a virtual avatar to suit your style.

The Highrise Creature Club is our first collection of creature avatars. Each creature comes with a set of items that can be worn inside your avatar creator world.

Choose who you want to meet for a chat and give life to your avatar in the virtual chat room. Share your mood, post comments, follow others and create your own social community. In the Highrise metaverse, you can connect and play with anyone!

This virtual life simulator is not just another sim game, it’s the place to meet new friends, host experiences, collect, trade, try your hand at interior design and much, much more. In Highrise, your creativity is the only limit!

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Highrise Virtual Metaverse user reviews :

Its a fun app. A total of 4 days playing so far. I like the customisation to your character, to your room, as well as make your own place for people to hang out. The radio stations are a nice touch. It is definitely a pay to get the good items, but you can get pretty good items without paying real money. It just takes time and events. The only things I found so far that don’t work are the daily gotchas and spins. Says I have 5 adds to watch, but when i hit the button,it says I have no adds.

Could be better. Ideal personalization game, however several bugs, including the room decor and goals for the day. I don’t get goals anymore, just says I’ve completed them all. Most settings and fun aspects cost money, as well. This has potential to be so much better. Other customization and avatar games are not nearly as fun and interactive.

Pretty good game in my opinion. Have yet to encounter any glitches or bugs. The room decoration’s weird but won’t take long to figure out. Still frustrating but do able. I noticed a lot of people complaining that you have to pay insane amounts in order to get gold, which is kinda true but not necsisary to get it. You can watch ads for gold, and while it may take awhile to be able to aford anything worth gold, it is an available method. I guess nobody saw it because how far down the option is.

Love the game! The only thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars is decorating the room is such a pain!!! I’ve been playing for months and its always been an issue. Plus it’s really annoying that most of the game is gold based which requires putting real $$ into the game to have the cutest fashion. Other than that though, it’s a really fun and relaxing game!

I really like this game. The graphics are so pretty the outfits are the best. The only thing that is keeping me from a 5 stars is that 1. It drains your battery like crazy and 2. The ads are not working making it super difficult to make any progress. EDIT: the ads problem has been fixed on my device I still can’t do surveys tho. 5 stars but being a free player is very difficult.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. This is an issue with our partner, IronSource, and we are working with them to get this sorted ASAP. We thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime.

I really love this game it’s so fun to dress up my character but it’s also most impossible to find something you want to buy. They have a ton of different accessories and stuff but theres a huge problem they only post a few and the ones that are posted look awful. There is no way to search for something you want to buy and there’s practically no way to get coins. The only way to get coins is buy sell your items (and the you have nothing to water and it won’t let you sell most items you get)+more

  • If you have suggestions, feedback, or any concerns, feel free to send us an email at support[at]highrisegame.com, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. You can also post any feature request you may have to our Canny board (highrise.canny.io/feature-requests). We look forward to hearing from you!

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