Hockey All Stars 24 – Craft your own world-class Hockey team

[Game] Hockey All Stars 24

Hockey All Stars 24Hockey All Stars returns with an avalanche of excitement!

Immerse yourself in the world of fast-paced Hockey action, now with more realistic visuals and dynamic game modes. Deke, slapshot, and brawl your way to victory!

Craft your own world-class Hockey team. Customize your franchise with a jaw-dropping team jersey and logo, upgrade your arena and then hit the ice to showcase your skills and dominate the competition.

Develop your team by collecting and training players, going from raw talent to mega stars, to elevate your Hockey franchise to legendary status. Refine your strategy and shine in the heart-pounding All Stars League.

Take the thrill to the next level in Club Mode! Connect with other Hockey fans, compete globally against other clubs, and ascend the leaderboards to claim your spot at the pinnacle of Hockey greatness.

Gear up for the ultimate showdown in the expanded Playoffs Mode! Face-off against powerhouse teams such as Los Angeles, Minnesota and New York. It’ll be a wild ride. Do you have what it takes to bring home the Playoffs Trophy?

Experience the Winter Games spirit as you rally behind your favorite International team, cheering for your beloved team in every heart-stopping match.

Whether you’re wanting to build your own franchise, win the Playoffs or dominate the Winter Games – Now’s the time to download Hockey All Stars 24 and forge your own Hockey legacy.

Build your own Hockey franchise.
Design your team’s iconic kit and logo, reflecting your unique style.
Witness stunning graphics and realistic player visuals like never before.
Test your skills against Hockey All Stars worldwide.
Face off against the biggest teams from the East, West, and Europe in thrilling Playoffs Mode.
Immerse yourself in the Winter Games tournament.

…And much more!

This game is free-to-play but includes optional in-app purchases that may be bought with real money.


Hockey All Stars 24 user reviews :

Better In Some Ways. Game play and graphics are vastly improved. Fighting is welcome but I am not sure why only I can choose to fight or not; the other player can’t initiate a fight. The energy system needs to be changed and I liked the previous method of training players (this version does give you much more options.). Overall, it is an improvement, but it could be tweaked. No complaints.

Graphics look really good compared to the earlier game. The deke function is clunky and not intuitive, but it may just be a question of familiarity with the function. So far looks great and a nice but subtle change is adding left handed players. The earlier game did not have them and makes plays more strategic and calculated based on to which hand you are passing.

Excellent Hockey Game and many thanks to Devs for keeping Hockey alive especially on mobile! This game is awesome, visually stunning, plays and feels great not to mention I can finally start fights which is fantastic! But, it’s not perfect and needs some improvement — I’ve won all cpu matches so far so its a bit easy, please add difficulty levels or increase it, also allow the period time to be adjusted, it feels too short! Sadly there’s way too many ads too. Fix that and its 5star!

The previous version was already amazing but this is just perfect, improved animations, cutacenes feel more immersive, the offside warning and the referee that follows you around make it feel way more immersive. Gameplay also is way smoother now and the fights are an amazing addition. The new models are a perfect balance between performance and quality.

REALLLLY dislike the energy system.. as you only get 1 little bar every 30 minutes and some games appear to take all 3 bars (you get 3 whole bottles, with 3 bars in each bottle) so it’s really frustrating having fun and playing some good games and then having to stop to wait for a while before you can even play anymore! UNLESS YOU PAY FOR MORE ENERGY, OR WATCH AN AD TO REGAIN 1 LITTLE BAR. Super disappointed, because the rest of the game is a major improvement on the old one.

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