Golf Open Cup – Ultimate golf battle

[Game] Golf Open Cup – Clash & Battle

Golf Open CupGolf Olf Open – multiplayer sport game – is here!

Take on the ultimate golf battle, defeat your mini golf rival and experience a real putt putt challenge! Prepare for each tournament, compete in MULTIPLAYER duels, and tee off in a blitz of excitement. Get rewarded for your victories in ultimate golf games and master every golf battle and world tour.

Unlock amazing courses, collect legendary clubs, customize your player, tee off and progress. Get into a rigorous training blitz to move up in the world tour leaderboards and enjoy the sport with mini golf games for free like never before.

Join the list of the greatest achievements that have been scored in important championships. Tee off, use a blitz strategy to score incredible achievements like the elusive albatross in your ultimate golf battle, as well as other special shots that rarely happen in mini golf games for free. Master your tee-off, nail a hole-in-one, and triumph over each golf rival. You will never forget your hole in one, so don’t waste time, start playing mini golf games for free now, tee off and win the ultimate golf battle!


Embark on a world tour of golf games with easy controls.
Compete against an ultimate golf rival in a mini golf battle.
Master the trophy road.
Customize the look of your putt putt player.
Unlock amazing legendary clubs to tee off better.
Show off your skills in the mini golf battle and on the world tour.
Shop with Free Gifts, Daily Deals and VIP pass.
Enjoy immersive gameplay with special graphics and putt putt effects.

There are a lot of amazing challenges waiting for you in one of the best mini golf games for free. Play against friends or let the game find an opponent to see how great you are in this ultimate golf battle.

Engage in a competition blitz, tee off, perfect your swing and score lower than your ultimate golf rival. Golf games are not all about technique. This sport is about the choices you make to tee off, on the fairway, around the green and putting. Improve your skills, master the course and grow professionally with the mini golf battle.

Play every day, tee off, progress and develop a strategy to blitz through each level. Win every ultimate golf battle and conquer the putt putt world tour with the highest achievements like the hole in one or the albatross, also called a double eagle.

You’ve never played mini golf games like this before! Don´t miss the chance to beat your ultimate golf rival in real-time tournaments! Many putt putt players of varying skills can tee off and hit a strategic blitz of shots but only a real player can master golf games for free and win the biggest world tour.

Start as a beginner putt putt player, train your swing and shots to progress, win the mini golf battle and other blitz challenges. Get ready for the world tour, tee off, drive and hit the ball, overcome obstacles on the fairway and greens and outplay every ultimate golf rival.

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Golf Olf Open user reviews :

definitely there are inconsistencies in the game between shots where it seems regardless of what the other player does, they’re going to win, whereas your shots end up breaking the laws of physics. It’s about the money you spend to really progress. The bags you win contain useless upgrades for clubs that are useless. It takes even big bucks to spend to enter the bigger tournaments so for these reasons I give it 1 star. Too greedy and too many ads as well for items supposed to be free.

  • Hi! We are very sorry that you did not like our game. On the other hand, thank you very much for your suggestions, we always appreciate when our players tell us what seems good to them and what doesn’t. We will think about your words in preparation for the next updates. Maybe one day you’ll give us another chance and a better rating. Kind regards!

Changing to the minimum possible stars, after such misleading feedback from the developer. As I (and others) mentioned before, the game progress is extremely slow. It might be “professionally designed“, but only with the goal to lure players into spending more real money into it. Game phisics are very inconsistent, and it looks like not all “online players” are real. Some players /bots can win no matter how well you play, or let you win no matter how bad you play. Could be much better than that.

  • We are very sorry that our game has disappointed you, that was not our intention. On the other hand, thank you very much for your suggestions, we always appreciate when our players tell us what seems good to them and what doesn’t. We will think about your words in preparation for the next updates. Maybe one day you’ll give us another chance.

You better have good eyesight if you play this, or a magnifying glass handy because if you zoom in too much it gets all jumpy and will hang. You get punished by buying the Pass because that handy watching ads to speed up opening bags disappears because “paying players don’t get ads” if you buy the Pass mid season it is NOT retroactive, you only get rewards from what level you are at. Shot aiming is amateur hour. I play maybe an hour a day to stay caught up then move to Golf Impact or Golf Rival

  • Thank you for sharing your feedback and experiences with the game. These are valuable insights for both the game’s developers and potential players.

love this game,the only thing is I have trouble keeping a good signal and it will drop me out of a match don’t know what causes it I play two other pvp but don’t have any trouble keeping it with those I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled hopefully it will fix it,which I still like it so much,I hope you guy’s can fix it tt

  • Hello Johnny! We are very sorry that the game does not work well. Our development team is already working on the update that will be released soon. Maybe you could give us another chance. Have a nice day!

This game is starting to give me lots of trouble it won’t start up several times a day, when I’m getting rewards it stops and locks up, and at tes at different times and locations it will not start up at all,very frustrating and very annoying work on bettering the game and forget the introduction also many times it really a long time to start up from the beginning.

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