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[App] Hold Screen On

Hold Screen OnThis application act as service and use front camera of your phone for face detection. When the face is detected, the application will prevent the locking of phone’s screen. Just keep the screen on while you are looking on it.


Compatibility mode: can run on almost all android devices
Run in background
Face detection
Eyes detection
Do not runs when screen goes off
Application binding: you can choose behavior for individual application


If you have any errors or problems with this application, feel free to contact me with e-mail. I can’t reply in comments and determine the cause of the problem without additional information.

When service or preview window is active, you can see a single dot (which can have different color and brightness) at the top right corner of the desktop, just behind the time. It is normal.  It is a one and only possible one way to grab content from the camera of some android devices (like HTC One, Galaxy Nexus etc).

If your front camera have low resolution or small viewing angle, try to use eyes detection instead of face detection.

This application uses your phone’s camera only during the face scanning. By default, it is 3 frame every 5 seconds. Between these intervals, you can run any other application which can lock and use the camera. Use application binding and App Launch Widget to run selected camera-dependent app.

This is Demo version. Therefore, application service’s activity will be stopped after 10 minutes of continuous operation. Just restart the service, when it happens. Paid version doesn’t have these restrictions.

Hold Screen On user reviews :

Works perfectly on my phone, great !

the only one of its kind that really works as it should

It does what LG G4 lacks.. the smart stay option. it’s easy and working as a charm. Plus it’s very accurate even in 0 lux conditions also loved the face and eyes option I will try it more to check the battery consumption if it’s fine I will buy it

Frequently stops with camera is busy error on nexux 5 with latest version of lolipop.

No se apaga la pantalla mientras leo/do not turn off the screen while I read

Very good, does what it says and does it well.

Makes my phone slower than a snail. SGS4 AOKP ROM android 4.2.2. Ktoonsez kernel

  • I can’t guarantee that it will stable work with an non-stock firmware.

This is a very good application but it would be perfect if it has an option to increase the scanning rate after an undetected face.

It doesn’t detect camera applications that start from widgets. The phone keeps crashing.

Face and eye detection work great under normal circumstances. Doesn’t work in very low light or if there’s a bright light behind you, but that’s a limitation of the camera. Great app, very useful.

Although the app does work it stops the camera and flashlight from working and you have to restart your phone if you want it to work again on android 4.2.2 on the Nexus 4

Works well on my SGS2 running a Carbon custom ROM. Tried another app prior to this and that caused a fatal crash every time the cameras was operated.

I-ve installed two applications on my Galaxy 3…Hold Screen On Demo it’s working really good, even on the dim light. I like it and I recommend it.

Works really well. Way better than all the other similar apps on the play store. Definitely recommend this..

Locks up front and back cameras on HTC One X, but doesn’t work anyway. I really want this to work!

After I installed on my galaxy s3 running Slimbean 4.2.2. It caused a major slow down. My phone came to a crawl, everything was delayed and my phone was unusable until I finally managed to force stop it and uninstall it.

Good attempt but rarely works on my LG 3D P920. Struggles to detect my face. Will not work at all if there’s any back lighting.

Sometimes I found it blocking my camera app. About 40% of battery life is used by this program. But works as announced

Not bad when it works. Service keeps sleeping and not coming back on (pro version). Please fix.

I realy impress with this app. Could you please give me your company contact email? I want to cooperate with your company on some projects.

  • Thank you for you rating. Please use keyser1971[at]gmail.com for contact.

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