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WhitePagesFind everything with WhitePages : People, Businesses, Phone Numbers and more!

WhitePages for Android is brought to you by the most trusted source on the web for people and business search. With our white pages phonebook, you have over 200 million U.S. households & businesses at your fingertips. Now with one tap access to nearby businesses, more sharing features & tighter search integration!

Just added: Reverse Address Search!

• Get phone numbers and addresses for your friends and family, then complete your address book with the #1 online white pages directory.

• Find nearby businesses fast – popular restaurants, bars, shopping and more are just a tap away – with hours of operation, reviews, websites, phone numbers and directions.

• Add WhitePages to the Android Quick Search Box to make your favorite searches even easier.

• Easily share destinations with your friends using Twitter, email or text.

• Use expandable maps to find addresses and get directions.

“Best Android Apps to Boost your Productivity” – Lifehacker


– Find people in WhitePages, the #1 online phone directory
– Local Business Yellow Pages
– Store Locator
– Reverse Phone Number search
– Reverse Address search
– Tap to Call
– Add to Contacts
– Maps and Driving Directions
– Search hostory saved for easy access, even when you’re off the network
– Premium Reverse Phone Search for cell numbers and other hard to find listings

WhitePages user reviews:

Really good app, 1 of the best without too many ads and good features. I wish it did not open up with restaurants and give me a choice of the screen.

This App is not too bad, however, there is room for improvement. The ideal situation would be that all information from the White Pages would be picked up when you wish to add it as a new contact. The telephone number alone is now carried over. I would like name and address information to be transferred as well. Thank you, Rev. E.Lauraine Acey Coatesville, PA 19320

Would give more stars but the extremely annoying pop up caller id locks the phone from going to desktop or other apps during call. Also locks from answering call waiting. Also removed the ability to select location of pop up. Was a good app, but I won’t renew if this is not corrected.


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