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Hollywood BillionaireLIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!

If your dream is to become A STAR, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Do you have what it takes to take over HOLLYWOOD and click your way to the TOP? Star your own movies: from thrillers to AMAZING comedies, from cute romances to BOLD westerns… Show what you’ve got: CREATE, PRODUCE AND STAR your own films!

Fancy your own STAR in the HALL OF FAME? Imagine yourself winning an UNIQUE Leonardo DiPrize? How about becoming a BILLIONAIRE? Having tons of FANS? What are you waiting for? Click and manage the greatest and brightest career Hollywood has ever seen: YOURS!

Choose the movie genres you wanna make: crazy fantasies, smart Sci Fi, funny children’s movies, action, horror, super heroes and even space opera! The sky is NOT the limit! Free your creativity and win all the public!
Click and record your movies
Get feedback from the critics
Improve your studio and your home
Hire extras and helpers

Upgrade your equipment and impress your critics: buy a better camera, improve the background, the floor style, decoration, the microphone, and so much more!
Watch out for your team: a real STAR is followed by the best director, production team and even the chatty boy!
Amuse your audience and make more money!
Improve the your film-making quality and get more fans!

The RED CARPET is waiting for you! Be the STAR! Come and play now!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Hollywood Billionaire user reviews :

At first, this game was kinda interesting. But when money starts to roll in, it got a bit easy … which made it pretty boring. The tapping part was okay, but it was not that fun. For now, I suggest that you make more items for the studio decoration. Sometimes, when I level up a decoration, the bar just fills up and wouldn’t reset which made confuses me. Kindly check that out.

I love this game! The graphics are adorable, the movies are just astounding, and I love how if you buy an actor / actress they’ll just stand in a random spot and stare. Definetly good for people who are stressed and need a breather or just need a timekiller if you can’t sleep at 4 AM or something.

Good time killer. But having to restart the game when an ad takes over is a drag. The repetition is a bummer as well. More input per movie is needed… Cast or directing style or whatever.

Not the best id rather play another taping game like Vlogger Go Viral its basically the same game but better also if you are impatient and you hate tapping get the app auto clicker it clicks for you and you don’t even have to touch your phone!!! Its one of the best for clicker games if you have a new phone at least no more than 2 years old you can make it click 1 time every millisecond

Nice game but I also feel that movies produced shouldn’t be published immediately cause of trend. There should be like a way of keeping them so that when they( genre) trends one can publish and make more money.

I was so exited to play this game because it looked so fun. as soon as I opened it it went straight to landscape. I even went on my settings and put it on always portrait. nothing fixed it and I can’t even scroll down. waste of time and space. The same thing happened on Vlogger go Viral.

Some of the movies take way to long. I know something that helps about it, but if it wern’t for that it’d be a pain the ass. Many ads too. The game is smooth tho. Is also fun if you can play it right.

This game really lives up to its name, I make soo much money and I get to makebany genre tht I want! (from a veriaty of options) You can name your studio and as the game goes on it just gets more better! As always Tapps Games has not disappointed me, well done to the creaters and the team who made this Oh and I really would like it if u guys could make an escape room game( offline pls!).

I would of gave it more stars but there is 4 things i don’t like that you can’t dress up your character, also sometimes a lot of stuff are expensive, but there small, and it not really worth buying and outside it won’t let me buy anything. And if you don’t hace much space on your phone you can’t play the game, and i don’t like that, i like vlogger go viral much better then this, the stuff in Vlogger go viral you should add like how it has, like if your movie goes viral you can get a award.

I enjoy this game but the ads kill me and i don’t really want to waste money on a game. All in all the game is fun and great time killer! Hoping to see a musician one maybe they will have singers like Demi, Nikki, Taylor and Michael Jackson outfits!

This game is great I love the graphic and acting but people encountered ads but if you turn off WiFi or data boom no ads and you can play it free with no online and I think you can update the game well idk but if you don’t update the game the people will not play it so update the game please

A really fun game! I love it as I can play it anywhere as all you need to do is tap the screen I can play it anywhere without looking at the screen. love it!

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