Luna Re – Battle between Humans and monsters from the world began

[Game] Luna Re – Dimensional Watcher

Luna Re  Luna Expedition’s Great Dimensional Rift Adventure

This is a ‘Collectible RPG’ taking place in a location called the Stonia continent. After the Dimensional Rift, desperate battle between Humans and monsters from the world began.

You must stop Peter’s plan to engulf the world with darkness.

Create a party with various companions to explore the enormous map and obtain powerful Equipment to become stronger.

We introduced a Crossroads system to this game allowing users to have a high degree of freedom. This allows the user to proceed in their desired direction to explore every nook and cranny of the enormous World Map.

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Luna Re user reviews :

Good game, easy to play and grind. I just had preoblem when searching equipment. That we need to check stages one by one. If some one had problem that stuck at 35%, that means your internet, I have problem like that before.

Loading stops at 35% and then nothing happens, I guess its a bug? Let me know when it’s fixed or if it’s a problem on my side, I want to try the game so much. (I already tried reinstalling and restarting the game several times.)

Kinda just lost my first x10 roll as it vanished into thin air assuming it’s because I pulled gear before accepting the “pull 1 gear” mission, read reviews beforehand and seems there’s alot of data loss involved so I highly do not recommend.

Gameplay overall easy until mid game, you need turn off auto active slow motion to active skill perfect timing.. The problem is not enough information about hero and enemy.. Also lose 1 star, because connection problem..

Quite unresponsive sometimes, and takes a while to register some inputs. But so far, it’s an enjoyable enough game.

Nice game overall but the description of abilities and various things need to be checked, the english description is almost uninteligible

Gameplay is nice, the gacha is also nice but we dont have enough to spend on the gacha sadly, lower star heroes are useless unless they are 3 star- 5 stars, equipment gacha is kinda useless right now, too pricey and it just overall sucks

Only got to the 2nd part of the tutorial. Stuck at “summon 10 heroes” with the screen not allowing me to do anything.

I couldn’t even play, when I open the game it forces close. Tried reinstalling and erasing cache and all but problem persists. Fix it please

Looked like it could have been good. But the sheer fact that I have to wait 3 minutes for the game to process that I have clicked the summon button makes it unplayable. It’s not just the summon button either, appraisal, a mechanic which it requires you to do to progress through the game also would not load when pressed. I managed to play the game for a bit before I hit a wall which would have been overcome with summoning had it loaded, then deleted the game. I’ll look out for future updates.

Pretty. Nice gameplay. I’ll keep playing but what happen to the first one the idle game?

Really over poorly designed code, server is registering 2 hours of game play behind, they wont let me load my current game. Why is it 2 hours behind? Only the devs know.

really good but a little confusing in beginning

The game is good and so is the story and main problem is that when you select a reward or you are doing a gacha pull it take soooo long for it to proceed with it (around 1-3mins or even more) and the phone also heats up after some time. If these things are fixes the game is really good and worth playing.

Patch fixed most of the responsiveness problems often noted in the reviews

Well my data ain’t Saving and some button don’t work like summoning or apprais

Everything is so slow! Make the game faster please. Noone wants to wait 30 sec to load their mail box/summon. Make mining easier. And stop making people follow the questline even after tutorial.

Good to see the devs are doing their work! You guys on the right track, keep on it!

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