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Home ValleyWelcome to the Valley! A beautiful world and super friendly community are waiting for you. If you like multiplayer social sims and always wanted to join a friendly RPG or MMO, get your avatar ready!

You’ll start out with a single, empty room, and it’s up to you to turn it into your ideal house. Go out into the world and play minigames to gather wood, fish for tires, cans and bottles, send birds looking for nails, wire, batteries—pretty much anything you can get your hands on. The better your skill at the different minigames, the more components you’ll be able to collect to craft the most amazing items for the decoration of your dream house. Then, a deep customization system allows you to give these items your own personal style down to each individual part with tons of exclusive colors, patterns and stickers, so the decoration combinations are virtually endless!

Home Valley is also a deeply social sim MMO multiplayer experience. Soon, you’ll be able to communicate with your neighbors through a unique quick chat system, allowing you to strike up real conversations in the community with no need for typing. You can also express yourself with lots of animations and emojis, which you can unlock as you level up.

In Home Valley, you’ll be able to visit your neighbors’ homes and rate them, and you can also make your own house—or some of their rooms—public, so others can rate it as well. The better your rating, the higher you’ll climb on the leaderboards. Make you home more dazzling than any hotel in the world!

The upcoming snapshot feature allows you to instantly share your favorite moments with the community and show off your beautiful home on social media.

One of Home Valley’s more unique upcoming features is the Art Gallery, where you can sign your creations, sell them to the highest bidder, and then keep track of them and see how they’re being displayed around town. The most popular designers show up on the rankings and are awarded badges on their profiles!

Another cool and unique upcoming feature is the Wishing Fountain, where you can toss a coin to wish for an item of your choice. Wishing at the Fountain gives you better chances of getting the components you need for that item from minigames—and even a small chance of finding the item itself across the world!

And in the future, you’ll also be able to adopt your pet, create hotel rooms for your guests, level up RPG skills and much more!


Crafting system—collect components and craft items!

Customization—give your items, walls & floors your own decoration style!

Visit your neighbors’ homes—and invite them to yours!

Multiple stores—get items, stickers, patterns & colors!

Multiplayer community—meet new friends at the forest, the park and the boulevard in this MMO!

Express yourself with cool animations & emojis!

Thematic sets—Lab, Fantasy, Party, Music & more!

Customize your avatar—tons of clothes, hairstyles, accessories & more!

Unique quick chat system—strike up real conversations, no typing required!

Minigames—master them all and earn components!


Snapshot feature—instantly share your happiest moments and show off your beautiful home!

Rating system—rate your neighbors’ homes & climb the leaderboards!

Wishing Fountain—make a wish for that item you’ve been dreaming of… and the universe might just conspire to help you get it!

Art Gallery—make your uniquely customized creations, sign them, and sell them to the highest bidder! Keep track of them and see how they’re being displayed around town. Become the most famous designer!

RPG mastery system—become a master carpenter, designer, bird whisperer & more!

Love-O-Meter—spread the love and become the most popular neighbor in the Valley!

Trading system—strike deals with your neighbors!

Adopt your pet—many different pet animals and characters to choose from, each with special bonuses and abilities!

Take care of your plants—plant them, water them and watch them grow… or wither!

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Home Valley user reviews :

It’s a cute game. i really like the graphics & colours. But my fav thing is that in the dace section, you’ve put in the Macarena

the game is great but please improve the game is so laggy

  • Hi, so glad you like Home Valley! When you say laggy, is it slow animations (framerate) or delays on the internet? Soon we will add a great feature where you can customize your avatar and apply colors and stickers to the clothes. We’re just getting started with Home Valley and we will work on improving performance, 1 star ratings don’t help us

This is fun game and prettiest game love this and that’s it!

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