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[Game] Be A Billionaire – Dream Harbor

Be A BillionaireYou were born into the nobility in medieval Europe.

Until your father died at sea, your uncle plundered the family fortune left by your father. The greedy uncle coveted your father’s fortune and banished you from the famed house.

Down and out, you had to stay at the only dock left to you by your father.

When you look at the failing docks and the vast ocean, you start to imagine the dock’s thriving business landscape. Build and improve buildings, form, and invest in trade organizations, develop, and revitalize the ports, and bring the maritime empire back to life!!

Business Simulation
With the accumulation of wealth, the docks, taverns, fish market, and exchange crafted a spectacular commercial blueprint.

Meet Your Lovers
Up to 50 lovers from all over the harbor city are waiting for you, and according to the plot, you can unlock different dating animations. Dance together or get intoxicated, it’s up to you to choose.

Big Shots came from history
Michelangelo to map for you? Columbus to steer for you? Or let Marco Polo to be your guide? Become partners with the famous greats in history and develop their skills. Make your way to wealth and prosperity!

Limited Time Events
Your adventure is not limited to the voyage itself, but sometimes there are relaxing events with high rewards.

Defend Pirates
Cooperate with your partners to defend against pirate villains, scavenge pirate treasure, and summon the legendary ship, Flying Dutchman.

Raise your children
Raise your children with your lover and pass on your business skills to them. Marry the children of others to create a powerful alliance.

Voyage to the Ocean
Make your own ocean voyages in business, agriculture, and education, and recruit your sailors and lieutenants. Explore the unknown ocean together. Of course, you can also join other people’s voyages, take their place, and show them who you are!

Trade Association
Create or join the TA, it’s all on you. Meet people from all over the world. You can explore a variety of ways to have fun and socialize with the TA orders and trade executions.

Whenever you’re sailing, traveling the world, or spending your days away, the town will continue to bring you income!

How do you take a run-down dock and turn it into a world-beating harbor? It all depends on your wise strategy and business acumen.

Innovative plot, business simulation, costume system, travel around the world, show them how you start from the bottom?

Click the link below and start to build your own world-class mega-port!

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The game is a free to play game, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game. Please make your purchase wisely.

Please pay attention to your gaming hours and avoid playing obsessively. Playing games for a long period of time can affect your work and rest. You should reset and exercise moderately.


Be A Billionaire user reviews :

Concept of this game is ok. Stuff to do keeps us busy. But still there are stuff that just plainly there to waste your time. (Playing game is waste of time but there is this stuff which plainly feels like time waste as gamers point of view). Like tapping for raising children. Even automatic children raising is also time waste as it still psychologically feels tiring. Game is supposed to be fun and entertaining. Opinion: improve raising function and overall interface is laggy.

  • Dear Boss, thank you for your feedback. Your feedback and suggestion will be sent to the relevant department for their consideration. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact us via in-game Customer Service.

Lots of fun game play. No ads and you can play without paying. A lot of items randomly distribute a range of points/exp and can be disheartenting to consistently get the lower end of the spectrum but I love the play style, lots of events and prizes. Tons of stuff to do and more teamwork oriented which is a lot more fun than building/spending on something, just to have it destroyed by someone bigger than you. Great mini games! I hope they continue to expand and add more stuff!

  • Dear Boss, We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games.

Good game,but gets old after some time. Pros- no ads. Variety to parts of the gameplay. Cons- while there is variety you realize the repetitive nature in attending to all of these little aspects that simply add to your income. Just a lot of little details that basically add to your income. Plus leveling up characters takes time after a while and also attributes takes time.

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