Hopping Heads – Stand out amid other players

[Game] Hopping Heads – Scream & Shout

Hopping HeadsAre you ready for the loudest shout ever?

Hopping Heads: Scream & Shout is here! Amazing game with outstanding gameplay and loads of fun. Let’s start!


Controls are quite simple. Tap the screen to make your head scream and shout. The louder your head screams, the farther you jump and the more obstacles you can overcome & get to the finish line faster. Sounds easy, right? Force the head scream beyond its capabilities and you’ll definitely succeed in the game!


Choose the head you like and complete levels in the game with it. Hopping Heads has a great variety of different heads. Do you want to be a cute boy or a tough guy? It depends on you! Moreover, there is a unique collection of epic heads – complete levels to unlock new items and stand out amid other players.


The farther you go, the more locations you visit. Win as many levels as you can and open every location in the game so your head’s shout will be heard in every corner of the world.

So, what do you think? If you’re ready to scream and shout, then download the Hopping Heads game and enjoy it!

Hopping Heads user reviews :

Amazing Game! Absolutely hilarious, but once you’ve gotten all the casual skins coins are basically useless because theres nothing else to spend them on! Also it would be nice if there was a way to remove the ads, maybe you could buy it in the shop for money.

  • Hi! We had to add the ads in our game, as it’s a way to keep the game free for download and after watching ads you can get a bonus. Our team will be glad to hear your suggestions for improving the game, please send them to info[at]aigames.ae. Thank you!

The game is pretty fun but also weird to me at least, I don’t like seeing heads the hop while they scream, also the scream sounds awful to me, even if I don’t enjoy it that much, I still think some other people might luke it more than I do

  • Hey there! We’re so glad you gave our game a chance. Thank you for giving us feedback on it. We will take into account your opinion and make the game better. Have a nice day!

This game is really cool bit one problem. I saw mommy long legs on the thumbnail but she is not in the game. Can you fix that?

  • Sorry to hear you didn’t like it. We are working on new content and improvements and hope you enjoy the game in the future

This game is very good for killing time but the game is too easy I have every head and on level 300 some so add more heads and maybe the game will be better

  • Hello! We’ll take it into account. Sponsored ads help us make the game free to play. Also, advertising helps you to reach a higher level and get different useful things in the game!

For me, the ads don’t work if I want to get different skins. Good boredom buster and I would recommend

  • Sorry to hear about that problem. Our development team will definitely consider the issue and make the game better. Thank you for your feedback!

I Would like to Play this game cuz It’s Rlly Awesome And good It was rlly good And Super Duper Awesome!!! It’s Rlly Rlly Awesome I I installed it cuz It really fun I Rlly Luv this game it Rlly fun ty for rating this game I rate it 5 Star so Lovely it’s really really Lovely I LOVE it So much it was Fun tho I Like how they Scream I Rlly Luv The Screaming so Much I Would Never play Roblox again I hate it won’t let Move Me Screen so I hate it I Mad at Roblox

This game is really good but I saw a naruto head and I wanted that but I can’t find it please try to respond

This game is very funny love how the characters make sound’s believe it or not my grandson showed me this game and now I downloaded it. Lol

  • Hi! Thank you for the feedback, it’s incredibly helpful! Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the game via info[at]aigames.ae

The game is fun but the sound keeps going out other than that it’s fun to use!

  • Sorry to hear about that problem. Our development team will try to solve the issue in the shortest time possible. Thank you for finding out time and sharing your feedback!

Premium experience, this game changed my life in so many ways. 10/10, would recommend.

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