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[Game] Human Flip – Jump Master

Human FlipHey, jumping games lovers! Welcome to Human Flip!

A 3d physics-based flipping, stretching and stacking game where you should flip like a stretch guy!

Get ready to flip and stretch over obstacles, jump off a trampoline and different things from boxes to sharks.

Human Flip is very easy to control all you have to do is tap the screen to jump onto the next object.
Land on a specific target, perform amazing swagflip, frontflip or backflip to get more points and get rewarded! Make extreme tricks like gymnasts or parkour guy. Hope you love flipping and jumping because you‘re in for a crazy ride.

Features of Human Flip:

Ragdoll physics
Simple 1-finger control for jumping and stretching
Elements from parkour and trampoline games
Cute skins
Simple and attractive backgrounds
3d graphics
Choosing a backflip, swagflip and another variety of jump

Challenge yourself to achieve rewards and be the best stretch guy.

You can flip! You can jump! Try to reach the finish at this addictive game!

Human Flip user reviews :

This game deserves 5 stars. It has a lot of levels. Which is good because the levels are quick easy and fun.The Ads are not outrageous. There is an ad after about every 5 levels. There are a lot of awesome characters to choose from. Also the ads are short and quick and don’t have any inappropriate advertising (so far for me anyway). There are only 2 maps and they by there self throughout the game. I totally recommend this game

You can only play 2 to 3 rounds until you get berated with adverts. It has a few “decent” levels, then it starts repeating. (Yes, they just start repeating after 32 levels). The characters are pretty, they’re nice. Half of the levels feel copy and paste. That’s all. Nothing more. -Edit: Also, there’s no different flip styles like the preview captures, it’s just the same type

When I downloaded this game as soon as I got to level 6 it was impossible to get past I had to watch way too many ads and it was making it unfair for me to flip my way to the finish line by making it too far the boat was way too far from The Rock and it kept making me fail and I just downloaded this game today which is ridiculous

Great game. First day, had to watch a few ads. But second day, I did not even had to watch any ads after playing 20 over levels. I totally recommend this game!!

well i would say this game is HORRIBLE Because the girl whenever you lose the girl just turns into a stick or I should say French frie thats why i say this game is horrible Well I have another one So when was that level 141 The girl kept flipping any places she want And I tried to stop her even though she wasn’t stopping her big long French frie sticks Just made me lose And the girl doesn’t even flip good

What I like about this game is that it has an offline mode and nice graphics. However, it needs an update to have more characters (like men). Is it necessary to have the characters have the rag-doll effect if you make it to the goal or finish line? I mean, the characters act like they are dead when they get to the finish line. They should show excitement at the finish line. The crowd in the background get all excited, why not your character?

This game is very good because there are ads after every five levels also they are short too and i like that! Ads are not annoying but i still find an innapropriate ad called flirt master 3D and i Dont. Recommend. Playing. That. I found out that some of the dances of the background characters when you win are from DTW pretty cool easter egg and it doesn’t lag too badly! A cool game you should try but 4 stars for the false advertise other than that its a good game

The game is entertaining so far, the only problem is that if you are probably there for the longest you get alot of ads not necessarily for sure but if there is any problem I will give it 1 star I know you guys in the comments that the only problem is the ads but for me its just slow to jump and I end up losing alot so I just gave it 3 stars but I’m surprised that it doesn’t have that it doesn’t have that many ads

I think this was a pretty good game honestly but it’s a four because all you are doing is tapping and going through the same levels over and over again. If you could add some more techniques and levels to the game this would be a 5 star rating.

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