Pootis Spenzer Bird – Beware of the evil spy

[Game] Pootis Spenzer Bird

Pootis Spenzer Bird In this game, you help the pootis spenzer bird collect its lost sandwiches while facing multiple threats and making the engineer put dispenser here.

Pootis Spenzer Bird makes an internet team fortress meme real, mixing a well-known bird gameplay with some added elements. Using hilarious voice overs, the game aims to be funny and a good time killer.

Key features:

Help the pootis spenzer bird travel long distances and put dispenser here;
Grab as many sandwiches as possible (each one counts as 5 score);
Beware of the evil spy, as he will keep trying to stab you in the face;
Music and voices will make your journey hilarious;
Share your results and compete with your friends;
Buy new hats, trails and backgrounds from the Pootis Shop! How many sandwiches will you save from the evil spy?

P.S. Put dispenser here!

Copyright info
Some in-game music is from YouTube videos and it is correctly attributed respecting the CC BY 3.0 License

Some in-game pictures (spy, heavy, engineer, dispenser and sandvich) are normal screenshots taken from the game TF2. They are not assets of the game itself.

In-game voices are very similar in sound to the original ones from TF2, but not exactly the same, they are imitations of the real ones.

All other content is created by the developer and/or distributed under Royalty Free license.

If you are the owner of any of those assets and you don’t want it to be utilized by this game, send the developer an appropriate documentation and it will be instantly removed.

Pootis Spenzer Bird user reviews :

Just an amazing life changing experience. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is awesome, and the joy it brings from playing it instantly cured my depression. Words cannot express how much praise I have for this wonderful experience. Its not a minimalist arcade game, its a work of art, a masterpiece, an amazing game that has completely changed my life for the better. If this game was £60, I would pay and play, happiness is the one thing I feel from playing this game. 10/10, just amazing.

Wow. This is phenomenal. I cri evri tiem. 10/10. This is revolutionary. Seriously though, this game is pretty good for what it is. It’s just Flappy Bird but it’s a meme version. If you don’t know what Team Fortress 2 is, the joke will go over your head. There’s a nice shop with rewards, an in game currency you get by playing, an extra obstacle, and… that’s it. Really not much more to say about it. It’s nice for wasting time, of course, and it’s just funny.

It’s a great game with cursed graphics ( in a good way) , my only problem with it is that all the dispensers are set the same distance apart and the hotbox is weird. If you change the possible dispenser size I would give 5 stars.

It is really an good game, since it is based on one of the oldest (and on of my favorit’s) Tf2 Freaks: Pootisbird. But there is an problem with the shop, evreytime i got an point (which turns in to the “Sandvich”)….. It seems the max point number is 14…. if that did not happen it would probally be an number like 24 or close. So plz fix it, but it is an good game. and happy Cindo De Mayo.

This game is the true spiritual successor to flappy bird a game that is no longer on the app store RIP, but this game has something that flappy doesn’t: music, character customization, background and obstacle customization. RIP flappy bird you’ll be missed.

Someday i will write a long and epic paragraph to tell all of you how good this game is but for the time being just trust me on this one this is the best mobile game to have ever existed and can some one plese give me a album of that fire song that plays in the opening menu

I remember watching a TF2 video of scout playing this game and i was like if they made it a game then that would be the best thing ever and 2 days later i find this and im like THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!! now if only we could have bonktris (tetris but with scout heads and the music is just bonk)

Best game ever, great graphics and hats. The engie shop isn’t overpriced and everything is amazing. Would recommend

This game is a true master and ahead of its time. This game belongs with other great mobile games. The thing about this is that I truly belive nothing and mean that almost nothing can get better than this. It has a storyline. Character development. And great gameplay mechanics. 5/5 nothing is better than this

I would forward the cause of this game and help you work on this, but if you want this to be very close to the game from “Soldier’s magnificent adventure” then I’d be obliged to help you. Regardless it’s a fun concept so if you’re interested i could give you some advice and maybe even work on it for you! As a member of the TF2 community i wish you good luck.

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