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[Game] Idle Anomaly – Alien Control

Idle AnomalyBuild a research station around the mysterious Obelisk space and control all its secrets in this idle clicker explore game!

A group of space researchers recently came across a strange structure in the Arctic. It looks like an alien roller coaster or alien starship from the UFO theme park. This Obelisk was clearly made by an unknown power.
In the process of building explorer home base, something strange gait of a zombie appears in the territory. But it isn’t a zombie, it is an alien!
They will try to attack and to interfere with the Obelisk research and building of your clicker Empire!

Progress outside the game
Your employees work tirelessly and earn money in your business simulator incremental game even when you are not playing. Just tap to collect idle resources when you return to the tap SCP game!

Manage a research station
Click to build and upgrade equipment, hire employees and monitor their mental health. Rational management is the key to success in research and big profits in tycoon life! Moon pioneer helps you!

Upgrade your secret heroes
Exploring anomalies is a dangerous area of work! You need experienced operatives who can protect your employees from invasion of the mysterious creatures from another space that guard the Obelisk.

Study Top Secret objects
Find the alien, catch monsters, send them to infectonator isolation and explore the power of the Obelisk to get resources. Join forces with the secret Ministry and discover the forbidden side of our idle world that it hides from the common people. What if we could send a moon pioneer to the Moon or Mars? Do we need UFO for that?

Alien isolation
You don’t know what planet the monsters came from. They are definately not UFO. But you need to click to control your base defense and upgrade your heroes! Send aliens in infectonator isolation and now their planet life has become useful to the Earth. Find the alien and hold defense of your idle home base with galaxy gun!

If you like Tycoon games, idle games, building games and the atmosphere of a mystery, then Idle Anomaly: Alien Control is for you! Make strategic decisions for development and make a profit. Unravel the secrets of the Obelisks and gain their power! Your business simulator adventure incremental game has started!

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Idle Anomaly user reviews :

This game took a while to get into – the tutorial doesn’t explain things well. But once I got past that it became a lot of fun, with a surprisingly good sci-fi story for an idle game. There are a lot of important decisions one has to make as the player that can really change the experience, which is both cool and unusual. If you don’t like the wait times that come with idle games, they’re a major feature here, but that’s just the genre for you. EDIT: No event bug after all, just bad explanations

  • Thanks for your elaborated review!

the other reviews must be outdated, the tutorial is great. the game is a great idle game. Really enjoying this one. I play lots of idle games and this one is a bit different, not lots but enough. Great story and concept. definitely a must to try. Edit: had to drop to a two star. Two hour offline limit is a bad rating from me. That isn’t an idle game but a greed tactic. Edit2: yeah the limit really hinders the game at higher progression, lost interest and uninstalled.

Game is very fun. It’s both fun to play actively or letting it run in the background and coming back for a little bit every so often. You can choose to watch ads for rewards and those are the only ads you will see. However the ad provider they chose sends you to the app store and if you aren’t fast enough in pressing the back button the game will restart and you will lose your reward, this is the only problem I have with this game and if this is fixed it is definitely a five star game.

It took a while to understand what’s happening and how the game works in general, it’s not communicated well. Once I got past that and got into the core gameplay loop I found it pretty fun despite the balance being a bit off and gameplay a little slow. I do think the risk/reward aspect of activating the obelisk is a really nice addition to this type of game, if it weren’t for that it would just be a clone of other idle games I’ve played but it does really change the experience for the better.

  • Thank you so much for the kind words, John! We worked really hard to make the game fun. We’re glad to see our efforts appreciated!

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