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UniFi ProtectUniFi Protect brings the full functionality of our web-based camera security application to your mobile device.

Adopt and manage your Protect devices, stream low-latency livestreams, and download localized recordings directly to your phone. Designed for residential and commercial use, UniFi Protect also allows you to:

Maintain complete data privacy with Cloudless recording storage.
Quickly scrub through hours of Timelapse footage to pinpoint the exact moments you’re looking for.
Personalize security notifications based on a wide variety of individual, vehicular, and atmospheric-based detections.

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UniFi Protect user reviews :

It’s a good app, but it’s missing a vital feature for me. There are no quick toggles to turn off/on cameras. Ideally, the app would provide a widget so that I could view and toggle my cameras from my home screen.

The app works well except for the picture in picture function. When the sound is on and I attempt to play any other media (YouTube, podcasts, streaming a show, etc.), that media will automatically pause playing every few seconds. Super frustrating.

Doorbell camera stutters a lot when using audio. When answering I cannot find the option to turn volume on to hear people. I have factory reset my phone and the UDM SE with only marginal improvements and I’ve tried every diagnostic bit of advice on the Internet. I have a Blink camera system and audio has always worked well on my phone with it. I will reach out to support and update if these get resolved.

  • Hi, we’d like to help. Does the audio or the video stream stutter, has it been an issue since 1.21.0 specifically? Please reach out to us at mobile-support@ui.com with more information about your setup and/or screenshots of your issue so we can provide assistance!

So far I haven’t had any real problems with the app. Except for a period of time when I first setup a geofence, and it didn’t detect I was in the geofence for a few hours. The only other issue is detection notifications, I haven’t replaced my outside cameras with unifi ones yet. I plan to in the future. But I need a way to toggle the notifications off when I’m working outside in the yard or walking my dogs. Like a notification toggle widget for each camera would be great.

I have no problems with audio or video but when somebody rings the doorbell and I answered on my phone they can hear me but I can’t hear them until I close the app and then reopen it I hope this can be fixed

The notifications need some serious work. The detections are fast and frequent but the number of notifications sent is so high that I just start ignoring them which entirely defeats the purpose. There’s needs to be a cool down period. You can send a high priority notification and then update it within a certain time window. 75 notifications when I’m bringing in the groceries is insane… The geofencing to suppress those notifications just doesn’t work. I set it to 200m+ away and I still get them

Please review your Android team, the implementation is awful. iOS version is much more stable. Console is the only reliable point of entry.

  • Thanks for the feedback, and we apologize for your negative experience. Could you please elaborate on the matter? Please reach out to us at mobile-support@ui.com so we can provide assistance!

Excellent addition to my Unifi DreamMachine setup. The camera is clear and response time is better than expected. The user interface takes time to become user friendly. Consider purchasing 4tb or larger purple Hard Drive. Setup time was minimal and only required 30 minutes.

I have tried a lot of security software and even work for a SSaaS company and even I have to say how well polished this app is. I haven’t done a in depth research about it but so far it’s better than any I’ve tried.

Few weeks ago the app started logging me out calling it an unstable Internet connection. It does so constantly and I have to relogin several times a day and the login screen is sooo slow. I’ve checked and my session timeouts are set to 30 days, bad update and extremely annoying

  • Hi, we’d like to help. Please share the report key (do five quick taps on the app version, it’ll be copied to the clipboard) with us at mobile-support[at]ui.com.

Great system. Best camera system for small businesses and residential. I would like to see alarm capabilities and more complex alerting logic. App is pretty solid. I trust my home to it.

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