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[Game] Idle Area 51

Idle Area 51 The aliens have CRASH landed!!

Salvage as much alien tech as possible from the downed UFO and take it to your super secret desert facility for research in Idle Area 51.

Start small and build your operation from scratch. Unlock the secrets of alien biology, UFO construction, high-powered laser weaponry and interstellar travel and gain more funding from the shadowy government department overseeing everything. Maximize the efficiency of your facility by speeding up your processes; buy more vans, get more salvage, increase your research stations, train your workers and grow your operations!

But you’ll need to work fast. Keep an eye out for the little green guys, get your tinfoil hats ready and expect a visit from the Guys in Black! Start a misinformation campaign to throw the public off the scent, watch out for raids on your facilities and upgrade your operations with goodies from interplanetary Star Gates and mysterious Quasars.

You’re in charge of the facility so develop your strategy, reduce costs, increase revenue and know that the choices you make will decide the fate of your operation …and maybe even the world!

Idle Area 51 user reviews :

Awesome little time burner. Issues at the last level with numeric values rolling over to near zero, you can’t get enough money to finish the game. I recommend you get the add free option, it makes game play much easier and faster. Be careful with the reset player data, you lose any rubies over a certain amount. I’m on my 4th reset and will continue to play. I wish they would add more levels after the air force base. Please add more alien antics!!

Progress in this game is BRUTALLY slow. Like.. Unbearable, unattainable, unrelenting, unpleasantly slow. For an “idle” game, you are required to return every 2 hours.. TWO HOURS. That is not an idle game. That’s a money grabber. Everything is ad based. Upgrades are extremely expensive but you get almost nothing from your 2hr gains. Just is not worth it.

The game is fun in the beginning but apparently there is nothing beyond ‘Air force base’. Without ads , getting there is a few hours gameplay. For the agent adds approximately 30% to the current money in every 10 seconds, without spending any from the earnings 1.3 to the power of 30 is a nice multiplier. Leveling up departments, salvage area or loading/unloading makes no difference only taking all the savings for no reason.

For starters, the creator of this game just wants money. Progressing slowly but fast enough to get to the next stage requires watching a high number of ads. The set amount of everything is too high, and because of this, it takes forever to get anywhere. Second, I’m not buying a PS5 game, $100+ for a minimum amount of resources, it’s insane. I’m not here to pay your rent, so change some things up because this is just ridiculous. Third, you can’t save your data, I wonder what that’s about.

I really like this game but there are so many bugs out makes it hard to enjoy. My examples are that I like quiet games. In almost every game I play I have muted but after each ad it let’s some sound slip through. I have to go into settings and turn on and off the sound again. Other than that I don’t like how I get a notification I can’t fix. Like the clipboard in the corner, is always on even when I don’t have any missions completed. It’s like that for most things and I find it annoying.

It is a cute game. A standard idle game and interesting. There is a bug where the 2x button is underneath the upgrade lab button and is not disabled when the lab pop up is visible. So when I am trying to upgrade the lab I repeatedly get a pop-up asking if I want to watch a video to double profit. A minor bug, but given that you have to tap 100s of times on the upgrade button it is enough to make me not want to play.

The graphics are cute and the interactions between the soldiers and aliens are adorable. However I’ve encountered a few bugs. Ads seem to crash quite often, forcing me to close the app and restart it. Also, quite a few times now, my purple gems will go from an amount between 75 and 90, then will drop suddenly to 50 even though I haven’t spent them. This is very frustrating as I need them for upgrades.

It’s an idle game. Graphics are cute. There are so many ad opportunities,I decided to get the ad free experience just to enjoy it. The game all but stopped working. And it still takes an IMMENSE amount of effort to progress. If it worked I might care. But it literally ground to a halt.

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