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Idle Office TycoonWelcome to Idle Office Tycoon – an idle game for those who love to manage their own office buildings!

A life from a poor young man to a wealthy successful business man, can you do it?

Idle and clicker gameplay. Easy and relaxing!
Real business management simulation with stragety needed!
Choose your partners, your car, your house! Customize your lifestyle! Rich life simulation.
Introduce various companies to your building. Start the story and chapters here!
Upgrade facilities and decorations. Train your employees. Be the REAL tycoon!

For your world famous property tycoon dream, it’s now time to try! With your business and marketing talents, you will be the one to conquer!

Idle Office Tycoon user reviews :

It’s a very slow burn game. The part of the game I’m currently on has multiple floors, including a washroom on each floor, for some reason when I come back after some time people go to use the bathroom upstairs only and creates a backlog and causes a slowdown in office production. I don’t think it is a bug, I think it’s programmed that’s way to further slow the game down so your more likely to buy premium currency and it shows they want you to spend money and don’t care about your experience.

Really not a lot to do in this game at the end of the day. Once you’ve upgraded offices you just have to wait for companies to get enough EXP to upgrade and give you another level up. It takes ages to progress to a new area due to this and gets quite boring wuth No short games or challenges really available within the main game. As others have said, to progress quickly, purchases would be required but still don’t make much of a difference.

Good game ovearall 1. Not a game for you, if you want to fast grow/progress without spending real money. 2. There is ads everywhere, understandably which beneifts the developer, so the game can be played for free. 3. There are some bugs so ( -1star) – Frequently game crashes while watching an ad and no gifts. – Sometimes the progress is not saved and you have to start again from the last saved point. – Cancelling factory order, brings back the same order, No matter how many times you reject.

So you are the boss who runs your own office building with a rich tycoon who gives you money. I say every 3 mins you’re on (after watching an ad, of course). It gets rough early If you upgrade fast because you don’t make much money starting off an theres alot to upgrade. You need interent to play it so tough through the ads dont have to do the optional ads unless u have to. It’s a good play all in all

Would be great if we can zoom in and more importantly zoom out alot more then I’m able to now. Struggle to see whole offices without having to scroll around. Especially in the castle. Taking forever. And why such a very very. Very low exchange rate. And the cost of feeding the animals is ridiculous with spending way too much money for a hard to scroll screen not very user friendly. Was wishing this would help me in the real world but just helping me to be more depressed on the amount of time

Look I understand the need for ads on a free game, but to be forced to watch a TWO MINUTE AD to progress anywhere?! Or Three 30 second ads in a row?! I’m watching more ad than playing the actual game at that point!! Cut back on those ads within ads within ads. Adception doesn’t make me want to play these games. UPDATE: I’m not willing to spend money on a game that FORCES me to spend money on the game to progress or just enjoy playing. If your only response is to pay you then I’m deleting.

  • Hi, you can remove Ads by in-app purchase.

The idea is good, but it would be great if the game loads and isn’t buggy or confusing. For the past 4 days it’s been unavailable for half the day, but somehow still uses lots of battery. It takes too long to level up, and doesn’t explain the different criteria to level up. There’s too many paid things to buy that it’s confusing, what they are (there’s at least 10 groups of things to buy). The ads are repetitive too

Game started great and progress was steady until the power issues started and the cost for upgrades (which barely did anything) became daunting. My current “gameplay” has now degraded into shutting down the app, waiting until the max away amount is maximized, come back, watch the ad for 3x, watch the VIP ad, and shutting it down again. Repeat until you have enough for the next upgrade. After doing this for 4 days, my power issues are still not good, so I might as well pay something else.

So, after almost a month of playing this game, I have gotten close to the part where you need 880 stars to advance to the next stage. My main gripes is that it’s very slow to build up and move to the other location. The power constantly goes out, so you aren’t always getting exp. There’s a story that shows dislike for a certain super power heavily. The gem emphasis is massive, and the 50 a day they give is a very small drop in the bucket. And so on. It’s fun in the beginning,but late game not.

It’s ok, but gets boring after a while. Annoying that you have to click for each upgrade instead of just buy and hold to keep on buying as other games do. Just open the game every 2 hours, claim gold/xp and do factory order and leave again. Halloween event appeared half nov. It’s xmas now, saw others mentioning an event but nothing pops up here (no update to do either), still see the Thanksgiving image. Who knows, maybe we celebrate it in January?

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