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Idle Cinema Empire TycoonReady to start your cinema management career? Let’s become a movie tycoon together!

Expand the square in front of the cinema, upgrade the service facilities, get more films and arrange the film schedule.

Attract more customers, provide the best movie experience, unlock more auditoriums, and play the coolest movie!

Build a variety of service settings, such as Peripheral Shop, Game Hall, Ballroom, etc., to provide customers with a variety of services, so that the waiting time is no longer boring, and you can also reap extra profits.

Open up a variety of auditoriums and arrange the most suitable tybe for films to maximize ticket revenue and profit.

Hire an offline manager for your cinema, keep it running in your absence, and reap the profits.


Simple and casual gameplay for every player
real-time gameplay with idle game mechanics
Constant challenges suitable for any player at any level
Many exciting quests to complete
Collect hundred films to be movie tycoon
Unique items to improve your cinema facilities
Fabulous 3D graphics and awesome animations
Offline idle game, no internet connection needed

Idle Cinema Empire Tycoon user reviews :

Playing the game is fun, and I enjoy the process of developing the cinema and collecting movies. It’s satisfying to play but sadly, suddenly its saying I have minus 2 billion on money (didn’t know going minus on the in game balance was possible) and it isn’t correcting itself if the game is closed and opened again. Quite stressful as unable to do anything in the game and don’t know how to fix it.

  • Hello players, we have kept you waiting for a long time. This problem has been solved in the new game version. You can update the version. We wish you a happy game

Had been enjoying this game and was pleased when a second cinema got released. However the second cinema is glitching offline time (creating billions of debt or just not accruing currency) and gold coins are no longer accruing. Otherwise, a solid 4 stars, so will re-review if this gets fixed. If not, a solid uninstall.

  • Hello players, we have kept you waiting for a long time. This problem has been solved in the new game version. You can update the version. We wish you a happy game

I do enjoy playing this game. But please fix the bugs for diamonds and coins in recent update. I’ve collected hundreds and thousands of diamonds by doing tasks but eventually everytime I exit the game and later come back for it. It’s still the same amount from the beginning of game.

  • Hello, we have released a new version to fix this issue, please update to the latest version. If the issue still occurs, please contact us by email. Email is idletrainempire525[at]

I want to give this game more, since it’s got some really fun mechanics and a lot of attention to detail. But due to an integer overflow I now have -2 billion cash, which renders the game completely and permanently unplayable.

  • Hello players, we have kept you waiting for a long time. This problem has been solved in the new game version. You can update the version. We wish you a happy game

Fun for about 5 days, but once you max everything out on your cinema the game is really over. I literally collect money and movies, but there’s nothing left to add. You can’t really be a cinema “tycoon” game if it’s just one cinema, right? Also sooooo many ads to get any bonus. I spent half the playing time watching 30 second ads. Add more theaters, more upgrades, and this is a great game.

Overall the game is very pretty, but rly not much to do besides watch ads and follow the recommended upgrades. I was tempted to pay for no ads, but the price is way too much. Update after the developer responded with some cookie cutter comment. Took away a star cause you in no way were responding to what I was saying.

Fun for a few days. I enjoyed the game but there’s only one level and you can buy all the upgrades in a week. It does have some issues with the screen blanking while watching ads and you losing the reward. This happened multiple times to me.

Excellent tycoon game. I love the fresh ideas here and the execution is great. Bought the ad free & definitely worth it. Only complaint is build times are very long. Hoping there are more theaters in store once I max this one. I don’t give a lot of 5 star reviews, but this game deserves it. UPDATE! Dropping 2 stars because after I maxed out (about 4 days) there is no more content. I hate paying to remove ads only to get a couple days of gameplay then no updates for months.

Used to love the game. But since last update, my diamonds keep reducing everytime I log in. I had over 800 diamonds and now it’s 40. And no matter how much you make, next time you log in, it’s back to 40. Have sent multiple emails, yet no response. Losing interest in the game.

  • Sorry, we are working on fixing this. We will release an update as soon as it is fixed.

The game is a very fun way of doing the idle game format. You make money pretty easily and being able to speed up interactions by tap is genius. Why it isn’t 5 star: the screen is a bit crowded with buttons everywhere, could do with some nesting menus. The prompt to watch an ad for 2x income never goes away! How to improve your cinema rating isn’t explained and the customer complaints don’t offer insight into why some are leaving with angry emojis. Only one hour for offline income is too little.

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