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[Game] My Sushi House

My Sushi HouseMy Sushi House is a Restaurant Management game.

In this game you can play as the role of a sushi house owner, developing various sushi dishes, making daily sales plans, serving customers, training chefs and waiters, purchasing restaurant stuffs, opening chain stores, etc.

Game features
1、Freely chosen multiple ways to run the business.
2、Fun to run a sushi house and enjoy all kinds of delicious food, especially Japanese.
3、Decorate your own sushi house.


My Sushi House user reviews:

It’s an amazing game. So simple but so wholesome. I do have some comments about it though: 1) the ads, the do not work at all for some reason, my internet connection is fine, I’ve testes it throughout different intervals of the day and still, no ads so no rewards. 2) I am confused as to how I can use the “Secret Recipe”. I have a bunch of them, and it says that it is what allows me to upgrades menu items, but it doesn’t let me unless I reach a certain level//title. Big thanks to the developers!

It’s a fun game and it’s both easier and harder than hotpot story to level up. Easier because it costs money to upgrade staff and not just training manuals but harder because you get random ingredients to make meals instead of getting to pick which one to put energy into. EDIT: They fixed the error I was dealing with. Thank you!

  • We have fixed the issue and submitted an update, version 2.0.2. If you are in a hurry, you can turn on the sound effect to solve this problem. Sorry for the trouble.

I was so excited when I saw this was going to be released, and I wasn’t disappointed. I adore the Hotpot Story game line, and this retained all the original charms. It would be nice if it was as story and character driven as the original Hotpot Story, but that’s just personal preference. Adorable, relaxing, and absolutely optional ads that don’t bombard you. Thank you, team

I really loved this game but since the new update, I have lost well over 200 gems due to the game force closing while I’m watching ads for hints for the match game. It then reloads and I have to start the game completely over. This has happened everyday, multiple times since the update. Extremely disappointing. Edit: it is normally happens on level 4 and 5 and yes it’s always when an ad is being watched

  • We are very sorry for your bad experience! Can you tell us which level you were playing when you had this problem? Does it always happen when you watch the ads? Thank you for the information, we will fix this problem as soon as possible!

just downloaded the game and i’m enjoying it so far. currently at level flower 2. my concern is that the free gems earned from ads is way too little. i cant get gems as many as i need. please let us get more gems! i also think that the design and movement of the characters (both staff and customers) are kinda too stiff, especially the hair movement. and the yellow hair guy his hair is really unflattering. this isn’t an urgent matter to fix but it’s really bothering me and hurts my eyes.

The game looks like a typical resource management restaurant, but soon it’s a choice of more-ads-than-play or Pay To Win. And getting new recipes is an exercise in frustration. After about 50 energy points spent the recipe making cook gets Tired (you have to wait 2-20 min, the time is random) and even if you set timers and watch all ads, it takes an hour just for a chance to make a new recipe! After 5 real time hours of only repeated recipes in a row, I’ve had enough.

Game is perfect and love the ads concept… I think your update broke…? So I paid 20 diamonds for the mini game, I watched an ad, but the ad was stuck? White screen only, restarted the game hoping I can continue my mini game but had to pay 20 diamonds again to play… You should have an emergency button when ad hangs or crash so users can leave the ad or save the minigame progress…

The game still needs a lot of improvement. Not touch sensitive, sometimes you click something else but another thing happened. The languages are all ober the place as well. A cheap knockoff of the hot pot game

This is fun almost look like hotpot but can you adjust when the chef actually cooking? It’s a bit less fun if they just standing when the food still cooking and can you also edit about clicking? When I click any sections it lags a bit like a heavy

Such a great game! Pre-downloaded it as it looked pretty cool and I instantly am addicted. Such adorable art, great gameplay and even leaderboards, which gives it challenge! Hope to see more updates!

I waited for a long time for this game to come out and now that I’ve played it…..its…. AWESOME HEHE <3 So cute, easy to play, concept isn’t hard to follow though it can be a small challenge the graphics and characters are just really adorable. I’m happy I pre-registered to download it, just hope little mini games comes next

  • We are very happy that this sushi game can bring you happiness! We have received your comments. We will update the corresponding content as soon as possible. Have a good time

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