Idle Dino Museum – Do you ever wanna be a millionaire

[Game] Idle Dino Museum

Idle Dino MuseumDo you ever have a dream to build a museum?

Do you ever wanna be a millionaire? Do you ever want to dig the dinosaur fossils?


You will be the new manager of the museum! Hire your staff to help you to make the old museum become more beautiful to attract more visitors, and make a big fortune!

Dig different kinds of dinosaur fossils, not only Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops but also Oviraptor, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, and so on!


Build your museum around the world.
Upgrade your showcase to make them more spectacular.
Dig different kinds of dinosaur fossils.
Hire people to manage the museum.
Collect antiques that are invaluable.

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Idle Dino Museum user reviews :

This is a pretty great archaeology app, but there are a few major downsides. Gameplay wise there’s a very annoying bug where any tickets you have above 5 will disappear after an expedition, and I wish there were more options to upgrade your tools. The character descriptions feel the need to point out that Dorothy is a “plump black female archaeologist” and Mei is “from a mysterious oriental country” while Jack is merely “a young archaeologist.” Definitely could use some POC on the editing team.

  • Thank you for your feedback, we will update these bug&stuff in our next version asap

The concept is fun. But all the little popups and tutorials that I can’t skip around are friggin’ maddening. I don’t care about the Jurassic Park knockoff, I just want to dig up bones and put them in the museum without getting pestered after every dig by some annoying new feature that I don’t care about.

This game is good, however, there is so much wrong with it! Visitors get stuck all the time, lime doesn’t move fast enough so you’re always losing guests, museum capacity is unbearably small. Max level scanner (bought by upgrades) reverts back to 1 scanner, making high level excavations impossible! Auctions take too long compared to what you get. There needs to be more upgrade levels/ upgrades in general. Hopefully this gets changed asap as this game has huge potential!

Ads simulator I don’t mind ads, there are a lot of rewarded ad placements which I’m happily using to double coins, get bonuses, unlock items in the store – I’m probably watching a dozen rewarded ads per session. But then on top of that, after about 30 minutes of total game time, you start getting interstitial ads all the time: exit a screen? Ad. Finish a level? Ad. Watched a rewarded ad? Ad. It’s just utterly ridiculous and completely unplayable. Shame, because the game has promise.

  • hi Daniel, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. we hear your feedback and will definitely improve our ad system to make the IDLE Dino Museum more enjoyable to our players.

This game is actually really good! I love the graphics they are so adorable and pretty its my favorite thing in the game. The only reason i give it 4 and not 5 is because i keep getting little glitches, for example every time i try to open the game it starts loading then kicks me out and it does that 2-3 times before finally opening, and sometimes when i try to use the ticket my game freezes and i have to close it and open it again. But other than that i love it!

Uninstalled. Great idea, too many forced ads. I’m not even finished the tutorial, and I’m getting forced ads every 3-4 clicks. These ads aren’t even of benefit to me, as there are no rewards. It’s a shame really as I love the concept and game play so far.

Has too many forced ads. I’m ok with free games having ads, I understand their necessity, but I clicked back to exit the store page and got hit with an ad. I will watch ads for game boosts. I will not watch ads for trying to do basic gameplay actions. Game seems cute, has good potential to be a fun time killing game.

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