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[Game] Lumber Inc Tycoon

Lumber Inc TycoonStep into the world of idle tycoon with this thrilling simulation game, designed to test your managerial skills.

Become the ultimate idle lumber tycoon by building and expanding your empire with upgrades and investments.

Manage resources
Hire workers
Grow your lumber empire
Boost production for maximum profit.
Produce more lumber for your customer
Idle mechanics. You factory works even when you away.

With idle mechanics and immersive gameplay, this simulation game will leave you hooked for hours on end.

The game does not require WI-FI or Internet. You can play even in offline mode.

Start your journey towards lumber empire today with this captivating idle tycoon game!

Lumber Inc Tycoon user reviews :

Poorly designed. No way to upgrade storage space or guarantee storage doesn’t fill up with a single product, blocking out fulfillment of orders for other products. No way to clear anything from storage. Lots of missing upgrades.

  • Hi J! In order to increase the capacity of the warehouse, you need to hire a warehouse manager, increasing his level will increase the capacity of the warehouse. Thank you for your feedback, our team will take your feedback into account in the further development of the game. Stay with us and have a good game!

I don’t mind ads..but your process is takes me to play store..which is stupid..I came to play..not download someone else’s app . Plus it gets stuck and won’t go back to game.. uninstalled..

  • Hi Donnella! We are very sorry that you have encountered such a problem in our game. Please tell us more, are there any problems with adding rewards for viewing ads in the game? If it is convenient for you, you can also write to us at help[at] and our team will try to help you as soon as possible. Thanks for the feedback!

Good no Wi-Fi needed game, but has bugs, for instance, “You’ve been away for 4 min 16 sec but your factory only generated 2h” which by the way, that money stack isn’t 2h worth! Please code out this glitch and I might raise to 5 stars.

  • Hi Zevon! We are sorry that you faced this issue. Please email with your problem. Specify the subject of the message “I need help!” and we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible! Thanks for the feedback!

The game is really well done, no forced ads, gui is small (for ad gui so its not in the way) game runs extremly well for low end devices, music is awsome, simple mechanics, tutorial is self explanitory and shows everything to its fullest, progression is very slow (but high if you do orders or achivments) I would recommend this game to anyone who wants a simple yet fun game to play!

  • Hi Landon! We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation!

I love this game, only issue is that you kinda go in blind. No idea what you’re doing, why or anything, and no guidelines or instructions to help during the game

Is this game finished yet? It hangs after every advert, it occasionally restarts itself, and there is small text in the lower left corner displaying calls and verts. It’s not distracting, it just feels unfinished.

  • Hi! We are sorry that you have encountered this problem. Please write an email help[at] with your problem. Specify the subject of the message “I need help!”, and our team will try to sort out the problems and fix them. Thanks!

Back button quickens the game? I have discovered the back button doesn’t close the game but actually hops it forward. A good way to make money, however, closing and re-opening the gam resets my progress back to debarker from having developed re saw machine and the work shop too.

Just starting as a beginner,but I know I will become new the top Tycoon Lumber Owners in the world and the USA.

Got so far then unplayable. My warehouse is full of wood and then leveled up to warehouse 2 and built the storage building. Now warehouse is full again and nothing I can do as I’m stuck and nowhere to go or do.

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